Does it possible to blind Internet service provider by using anonymous soft wares?

By using Hotspot shield and other software's it is possible to hide our IP, then is it possible to track the Internet usage by BSNL Broadband service providers?

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    Hey Jasim,

    This is Art from Anchorfree (makers of Hotspot Shield). When you use Hotspot Shield, you are 100% anonymous. We use SSL encryption to encrypt your data before it is sent out from your computer. Which means that your ISP/BSNL or a hacker will not be able to see your activity or personal information.

    Also, we don't store/share/track your activities and personal information. There is no way for us to identify our users (except for the location). We serve ads based on location, not based on users' personal information. We have been in business for over 5 years and we are trusted by over 7 million users in more than100 countries. We have been written about my NY Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, PC world, CNET, LA Times etc. There is no other VPN provider in the world who can claim a record like this.



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    1 decade ago

    Why would you want to use Hotspot Shield, so they can scan all your data and use it to make money in their advertising business. They claim they can geo target people all over the world. How do you think they do that?

    Your usage will increase when using a vpn as there is overhead from the VPN plus all your regular traffic.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe the only way you could hide your activity from your ISP would be to use an encrypted connection method such as ssl. But I 'm not very familiar with the specifics. Google is your friend...unless you live in China. Then you're screwed.

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