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Favorite beach to surf and why?

Wondering what your favorite beaches to surf are and why, if thats one of those things you like to keep to yourself then just let me know one that you just enjoyed and why. Im trying to do some research on surfing, places, etc.

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    Aloha White Plains Beach on Oahu Hi, tons of Friends, everyone is cool, no attitudes, soft waves, I would say the San O of Hi.

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    My favorite local beach to surf at would be right off of Reef Road. Almost everyday lets perfect sets come in one after the other. It definitely sports a fun wave. Plus the vibe there is extremely chill and everyone is relaxed and are just there to ride the waves.

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    well im australian and i used to always surf on the central coast at terrigal and now i surf at nobbys beach or newcastle beach and there waves are great, there always consistent and the waters always warm except in the middle of winter no need for wetsuits and the mates are always there surfing too and a few hot sheila babes walking around, it is probably one of the greatest places to live :), ive also done surfers paradise and all the gold coast and there pretty fun waves and its really hot there. :) ive heard western Australia gets monsters though

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    a million. Black's south of the steps, intense swell out of the canyon, pay attention of bare human beings, wind can stand them up even as it is suitable out of the east, particularly well worth the hike down 2. Windnsea, exceptionally north; shore ruin that comes up out of nowhere and ought to drop you on the rocks only as speedy, astonishing even as situations are suitable, broke a leg there contained in the '86 El Nino, lost 3 forums that day 3. That secret southern spot (hint: the sunken sub instruments up a reef ruin), sweet... 4. sundown Cliffs, only about a non-end reef ruin in some places, pay attention of the rocks a lot of different spots in SD, a pair i am going to not in any respect tell about yet a great number of the spots like Swami's, Trestles, 'nado north and south etc are only getting too crowded and the crew lately look to have forgotten that an day on the sea with associates is a huge part of surfing. it isn't any longer a contest for the international championship, percentage the ruin... and do not even get me began on the parking nazis, exceptionally in Del Mar

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    woolacombe because it is beautiful and clear, no rubbish or seaweed in the waves and very blue and clear, the waves all ways seem to be big and perfect, hardly any people in the afternoon-evening, and it is still big and lovely :)

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