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learning Web Development?

hello all.

I wanna learn web development.

I am reading books to learn these:







what else should I read to become a web developer and designer?

someone told me you should learn web developing first. what is it?

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    There's two aspects to web development: The coding, and the overall design.

    The first coding you need to know is HTML, or XHTML, which is the common basis for most web pages. Then learn about CSS, which deals with styling, menus, etc. It depends what program/s you are going to use to build your pages. (And I suggest you don't depend solely on one program)

    As to the design, this is all about appearances, graphics, and functionality. Study real web pages; subscribe to a web design magazine; get ideas.

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    I go to YouTube for just about everything. There are tons of videos on how to etc.

    Start there and fill in the gaps with other programs if don't get joy there.

    I've dropped some links below for Joomla which is a CSS.

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