Was Oprah Winfrey in an early episode of The Simpsons?

I think I remember Oprah saying to Homer when he couldn't pronounce her name "it's like opera, but with a long O" and Homer said "Opero," but I can't find any evidence that she was ever in it and now I am going to lose a bet, in which I get slapped in the face, over it. Any help would be appreciated (my face will especially appreciate it).


Thanks for your help Michelle, but alas my face isn't saved. I'm trying to find evidence of Oprah in one of the first few seasons. It aired in Australia in the early 90's.

Oh and the slap bet was inspired by an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Maybe I should watch less TV.

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  • 10 years ago
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    That is a really dumb idea to make a bet in which you get slapped should you lose. However, to answer your question, yes Oprah was on the Simpsons. I will put the link to what I found in the sources box.

    And please- for your face's sake- don't try to get yourself slapped anymore.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    dude, This has been bugging me for years. I can't find the episode, but yes, Homer says'" opora,opreo,ohcha,d'oh!"

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