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Salt water flush without the master cleanse?

I know that the salt water flush is part of the Master Cleanse but my question is, is it possible to do just the salt water flush without the lemonaide? Could I just do the flush early morning and late night and eat light and drink only water during the day and have good effects? Will get get rid of all the waste and bloating and maybe a few pounds?

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    Yup it sure will. I probably wouldn't take it at night but instead take the laxative tea. You would need to take a probiotic supplement, or eat good quality yoghurt to replenish the healthy bacteria.

  • Donna
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    Agrees that some of the comments here are completely ignorant and un-educated responses. The body was not intended to digest all the processed chemicals we are slamming into it every day. The salt water flush and the Master Cleanse in general are not gimmicks for sale. This information is free and available to anyone who wishes to seek out a healthy alternative to purging one's self of all the gunk and goo lurking in the body. You are using too much salt. If 2 tsp is not getting any movement GRADUALLY increase the salt but not to such extreme amounts. I cannot stand salt water but i get it down and it works great. If you cannot drink it I have seen many people suggesting to put the sea salt into capsules...just make sure you follow them up with the right amount of water as it is important. Good luck and if you have any other questions go to facebook. There are many great groups out there all happy to help and non-abusive. I reccommend Reach4Raw as those guys are super helpful.

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    Just like mentioned, don't do it at night. If you do it on anything but an entirely empty tummy, you could get bad tummy aches. Also, don't take in anything for at least 30 minutes after the salt water. Keep in mind, too, that you will need to be close to the bathroom for up to 2 hours after the flush.

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