Best Laptop for Music?

I'm going to college next year and need a laptop. I don't need much on it but I want something that will hold my music and not make it slow any suggestions? Ive had trouble with Dell in the past so I rather not go that direction I also heard that HP is pretty good

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    1 decade ago
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    If all you're going to do is play music on and surf the Internet (for research as a college student) then a netbook would be a fine choice as that's all you would really need as music files aren't very large and netbooks have enough processing power to run a web browser and play music at the same time. With that in mind I'll post an HP Netbook below that you can customize but even the base configuration would be fine for what you want to do with a computer (it's more for reference, any netbook will do for what you want out of a computer).

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    I have an Asus Laptop and it does wonders for me, I use it for gaming, music, research, browsing the internet, writing article's, doing homework, listening to music, and I can do all of this at the same time. I only spent around $700 for my Asus Laptop that I'm currently using and It performs very well. You can find the same type of laptop that i have over at Amazon. To make it easier for you to find, here's a link to the Laptop Page:

    I hope this information helps, enjoy.

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