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What do you think were the biggest U.S. events of the 2000-09 decade?

I need to make a booklet with 8 events of the decade..

it can be an invention, massacre, protest movement, a place, a persons impact on society, a law, organization, war...etc.

So far i have thought of the 9/11 attacks, the anthrax attacks, election of pres obama, 2004 tsunami...i know theres a lot more...can you all help me name a few more?

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    Hurricane Katrina and its after-effects.

    The Beltway Sniper, Montgomery County, Maryland, October 2002.

    Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates over Texas during re-entry, with the loss of all hands. (America's third and last space-program accident with crew loss.)

    The Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire collapses.

    U.S. Supreme Court declares sodomy laws unconstitutional (Lawrence v. Texas)

    California recall election: Gray Davis is ousted, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected Governator.

    Iraq War begins. (2003)

    Last Oldsmobile rolls off assembly line (April 2004)

    Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage (May 2004)

    Former President Ronald Reagan dies at age 93 (June 2004)

    Ray Charles dies (June 2004)

    Rodney Dangerfield dies (October 2004 -- and he STILL didn't get no respect!)

    Jerry Orbach (Law & Order) dies (December 2004)

    Pope John Paul II dies and is succeeded by Pope Bendict XVI (April 2005)

    Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dies (Sept 4, 2006)

    Final book in Harry Potter series is released, selling 11M + copies in 24 hrs, becoming fastest selling book in publishing history. (July 2007)

    Paul Newman (Sept 26, 2008), George Carlin (June 22, 2008), and Don LaFontaine (The movie trailer guy) (Sept 1, 2008) die

    Eartha Kitt, Majel Barrett, and W. Mark Felt ("Deep Throat") die (December 2008)

    ...just to name a few.

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    hurrican katrina

    invasion of afganistan & iraq

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