What are the best song by The devil wears prada?

My favorite the devil wears prada songs are dez moines, and loder than thunder. They have mainly singing in them I want to know Every song BY THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA that has their adorable singing and; or combined with screaming, 10 stars to best answer!!!

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    I think everyone that has answered so far has misunderstood your question, or they are trying to help you but do not actually listen to TDWP. Let me give it a shot.

    Jeremy - The "Clean" vocalist for TDWP sings in ALMOST every single song on all 3 cd's. Here are the names of the songs from the first CD "Dear love and beautiful discord" That have clean vocals.

    1. Dogs can grow beards all over

    2. And the sentence trails off

    3. Rosemary had an accident

    4. Swords, Dragons, and diet coke

    5. Who speaks spanish colon quesadilla (There are clean vocals in this song but... Its more of a choir and not Jeremy alone)

    6. Texas is south

    7. Modify the pronunciation (This song may be one of the greatest ever written in my opinion)

    8. Salvation

    The next CD is "Plagues" which he literally sings at least something in every song.

    1. Goats on a boat

    2. Number three never forget

    3. HTML rulz dood

    4. Hey John whats your name again

    5. Dont drink and drance

    6. You cant spell crap without "C"

    7. This song is called this song is called

    8. Reptar, king of the ozone

    9. The scorpion death lock

    10. Nickles is money too

    And finally "With roots above and branches below" In which he also sings something in every song.

    1. Sassafras

    2. I hate buffering

    3. Assistant to the regional manager

    4. Dez moines

    5. Big wiggly style

    6. Danger wildman

    7. Ben has a kid

    8. Wapakalypse

    9. Gimme half

    10. Louder than thunder

    11. Lord Xenu

    Basically... TDWP is my Favorite band and has been for the past 4 years. They are incredible live (I have seen them 5 times), They continue to better there music and I really don't know what I would listen too if they didn't exist.

    And as you can see... out of 33 songs.. (They also cover "Still Fly" which has Jermey doing clean vocals) There are clean vocals in 29 of them (30 if you count "Still Fly" and two out of the 33 are instrumentals with no vocals period that are on the first CD. So they only play ONE song without clean vocals that isn't an instrumental which is "Gauntlet of solitude" from the first CD but it is still an incredible song.

    I hope that helps. And Just keep listening to them. Every song will grow on you and you will love them. There lyrics are so powerful and uplifting and they represent the one and only.. Our lord and Savior.. Jesus

    Give God all the glory.

    Jeremy sings the most on the new cd with branches below and roots above

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    Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over

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