Anyone else notice that Israel is the only country with their head on straight?

I'm really starting to wonder if anyone else has noticed this. It's sad what the world is turning into. Especially when countries like Israel are being condemned for doing the RIGHT things.

For one, Gaza is a terrorist run nation. Why not stop aid to their country? In most countries like this the citizens don't even get it. The government will take it and control the majority of it then hand out a small percentage. Then the point that Israel IS allowing aid through, just blocking luxury items such as coffee. Then the whole bs about the "peaceful aid activists" people killed. They ATTAKED FIRST but I guess people are selective readers and just look over the part where they opened fire and attacked with knives when they boarded to search the aid for contraband.

They don't allow smuggling and illegal crossing through tunnels. How is this such a bad thing? If someone is illegally crossing and smuggling stuff in/out of your country why not put a stop to it by blowing up the tunnels? Not to mention the smugglers are terrorists in the first place.

Their openness about nuclear arms is another thing. Why should the world have to know how many nuclear weapons they have? I don't see the big deal for a lot of reasons, For starters why is it anyone else's business to know how many they have? Number two..what does the number matter in the end? The world is aware they are nuclear armed and it's not like you need more than just 1 or 2 to cause serious serious damage so why is the exact number that needed?

They attacked swiftly and get the job done but yet it's still looked down on. Just like they have in the past on nuclear reactors that countries have no business possessing. And hopefully they stop listening to the rest of the world whine and hurry up and get rid of Iran's reactors before something terrible happens. The sad part is, is if they ignore it and they build nuclear arms..the world will look down on them for not destroying it when they had the chance. Gotta love the double standard.

So in the end everyone can whine about how Israel is such a terrible country, not politically correct, and whatever else...but in the end they are the only country that's using their head right now.

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    Israel is a beacon of truth and light in a sea of Muslim corruption and incompetence.

    Israel is a modern advanced nation.

    The Muslim Nations are cesspools of poverty and coruption.

    (Edit) I see that one of the other responders accuses Israel of blocking aid to Gaza.

    Quite the opposite is true. Israel gives the Muslim Terrorists millions of dollars worth of humanitarian aid in the form of food and water and electricity.

    In fact Gaza could not survive without Israel.

    Hamas, the Muslim Terrorist organization that conquered Gaza claims credit for the Humanitarian aid that comes from Israel.

    Hamas is absolutly worthless at best and is actually extremely destructive to the interests of the Muslims who live in Gaza.

    Those ships were offered the opportunity to go to a port in Israel.

    After the cargo was iinspected for explosives and weapons, the Humanitarian pat of the shipment would have been delivered to Gaza after the weapons and explosives were removed.

    The purpose of those ships was to smuggle weapons and explosives to the Muslim Terrorists.

    The Humanitarian part of the shipment was merely a cover for smuggling explosives and weapons to the Musim Terrorists in Gaza.

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    The United States needs to stand by Israel, they are the best. If only America was more like Israel we would not be in the shape we are in now. We have a muslim in the white house. And he hates America. That would never happen in Israel.

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    And you wonder why Hamas get's so much support? They bring water, and food and build Libraries and jobs to Palestine. I can clearly see why they get all that support seeing how when outside humanitarian aid comes in Israel murders unarmed activists.

    Ironic how we condemn human rights records of many many countries but dare not say a word on Israel's human rights record, which is the SHITTEST record of any "Democracy" I've ever seen.

    You need to get your head on straight and stop living off the scraps of propaganda the media feeds you.

    Source(s): Hamas wouldnt exist if Israel didn't condemn outside aid to refugees and starving goat herders. Israel isn't interested in peace they are interested in the total annihilation of the Palestinian people so that no one has a legal claim to some of that land in modern Israel.
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    I've noticed that too, and the rage of a woman is the weathervane of truth (liberals are women). Israel is the only country with its priorities straight...self interest first, other nations and what they think, last. It has a right to defend itself, and I don't understand the outcry because it's exercising that right.

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    Indeed they are some here in America have the same attitude but they are booed down by the people who insist on telling us islam is the religon of peace.

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    That's why the rest of the world is against Israel.

    The Israelis are the only ones with a clear head on their shoulders.

    The rest of the world is like a public school.

    We really are de-evolving.

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    When you are surrounded by people who hate you, you have to think rationally or die.

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    israel is an abomination

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