White sapphire engagement ring?

I'm a pretty frugal person. My boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage and I'm pretty sure he'll be proposing in the next few months. I have a few questions. First, I want a white sapphire ring instead of a diamond ring, at least for my engagement ring. I hate people spending a lot of money on me. I would absolutely love a ring like this http://www.overstock.com/Jewelry-Watches/10k-Gold-... and that's extremely affordable. Is that a good idea for an engagement ring? I would probably want a diamond ring for my wedding band, but at least then I'd definitely pitch in for it.

I also would like to go ring shopping with him. He doesn't have bad taste in jewelry, but I'm kind of particular. I know he'd be fine with it because he would rather get something that he knows I like than have to choose himself, but how do I bring this up? I feel awkward telling him what I want when he's the one proposing. What's the easiest way to do that?

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    I think that ring is very pretty! Sapphire won't stay quite as bright as a diamond though so over time it may look dull if you have a wedding band with real diamonds in it next to it. Have you ever considered Moissanite? It is a man made stone but comes with a lifetime guarantee to stay more brilliant than a diamond! You can find some very nice and affordable Moissanite rings at http://stores.jewelryninja.com/-strse-Wedding-cln-... I think it is okay to tell your boyfriend that you want to help pick out the engagement ring. I think if you two are going to spend your lives together, you shouldn't be "hinting" around but instead use some up front and direct communication to say "hey you want to go ring shopping?" Maybe you can just look at jewelry together online or in the stores and you can point out what you like and he can make the ultimate choice based on the ones that you like. Congratulations and good luck!

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    I think that is a lovely ring, and I really do enjoy white sapphires (and that setting is gorgeous). They are very white, and in certain lights may have a blue-ish, or almost lavender tint to them. A high quality sapphire will be very clear, although lower grades/cuts can look a little "cloudy" or "milky" at times. They give off plenty of "sparkle", and only a very little bit of "fire". Sapphires are very hard stones (about an 8 on the hardness scale), which makes them quite durable.

    10k gold is actually an excellent choice for a ring you will be wearing every day... it has a lower gold content, making it much "harder", and will not scratch/dent/bend nearly so easily as a higher grade gold (like 14k) will. It can be sized just as easily as any other ring, by almost any jeweler.

    As far as suggesting shopping together for your ring with your future fiancee, you can bring it up in a conversation about marriage if you wish ("I'd love to show you a few rings that I've seen that I like!" or something along those lines). Show him some of the rings that have caught your eye, even if it's just this one. If he sees how much you love this one, he'll probably go ahead with it. You'll still be surprised by the proposal, I'm sure... so it's not like you're ruining the thrill by helping him find the perfect ring. ;)

  • White sapphires are lovely and they would be perfect for an e-ring..not only are they more affordable as diamonds, they are just as hard and have a sparkle all their own-and it's far easier to own a flawless white sapphire than a flawless diamond...plus size wise you get more bling for your buck....

    Can you arrange day where unbeknownst to him, you just 'happen' to pass by a jewelry store? You can stop, peer inside the diamond display case, then heave a sigh and say...." if only they came in white sapphires-I like them ever so much better (or however you phrase things) than diamonds...and their prices aren't so outrageously inflated as the price of diamonds are....."

    Hopefully he'll take the 'bait'.

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    I have no issue with you wanting a white sapphire -- I also wanted a non-diamond -- but I really don't care for man-made stones. For any old piece of jewelry, I wouldn't care about a man-made stone, but for an engagement ring, it just meant something to me that it was a natural stone.

    My now-hubby & I talked about getting married and so I told him that I would prefer a non-diamond ring. It took me a while to convince him, but we are both thrilled with the aquamarine that he finally settled on.

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  • You can have anything you'd like as an engagement ring. It certainly doesn't have to be a diamond. I like the white sapphire ring that you've shown us. Something like that would be very nice.

    Has he proposed yet? Or has he mentioned that he will soon? If you're already engaged, just go ahead and go ring shopping together. If not, I would either show him a few links, or you could go around to a few stores and point out things you like and don't like, and then let him pick it out himself.

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    I gave my FH hints at types of rings I liked - or better yet didn't like. My hint was ordering some "brochures" and having them sent to his house with his name on them, and looking at types of jewelry I liked "by accident" when the opportunity presented itself. When he was ready to he asked me what kinds I liked and went from there.

    Overall, you can have any kind of stone for the engagement ring you want. Diamonds weren't always the "standard", I have my great grandma's engagement ring and its a ruby, she said that was the normal engagement ring back in her day.

    My engagement ring is a bridal set and it has white diamonds & blue sapphires in it.

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    What you're demonstrating now is passive-aggressive controlling tendencies. Don't castrate your fiance to be. Let him lead and let him make decisions. This is HIS gift to you... you need to accept him as he is and let HIM choose. If sounds like you've already talked to him and let him know your preferences. Now, trust him and accept what he chooses. DON'T pitch in for the ring... I think if you do that you're sealing your fate: a marriage where the woman is in control and the man is emasculated. One day, you'll wonder why he sits around on the couch all day and you're the primary breadwinner. Well, it's because you've emasculated him and not let him be the man. Let this engagement ring be a complete expression of his heart, and accept whatever he has to offer: expensive, plain, gorgeous, awful... this is his call. You can always say "no". And, he just may ask you what your preferences are. At that point, offer it, but not until you're asked. An engagement ring is a gift, and should be treated as such.

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    you realize that this ring is a man-made stone right? as long as you understand that it is not a real sapphire, you can have it if you want it.

    if your only objection is how much money he will spend on you, you really should let him decide how much he wants to spend. we do not have a right to dictate to anyone how much they spend on a gift for us.

    if you want to pick out your own ring, then just tell him that you would like to go ring shopping with him so he can get an idea of what you want and then make a date for it....you can include dinner and make a romantic evening of it so that it is more fun than just perfunctory.

    but if he acts like he doesn't like that idea, then you are going to have to let him get you want he wants you to have. after all.....it is his ring to give to you as a gift, not your ring that you are getting for yourself.

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