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i wanted help in finding out if my great great grandmother was and registered indian and wh?

I wanted to find out if my great great grandmother is an registered indian. But first I need help on my family tree.

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    Like anyone else you need to research your family tree starting with yourself and then research back through the generations...this site may help

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    If you ancestors were "registered" NATIVE AMERICAN their names would appear on one of the government rolls. The Dawes Roll was the last and is supposed to be the most complete. However, just because a name doesn't appear there doesn't mean that she was not Native American, many didn't register, or married out side the tribe and passed. In those cases there are no records that indicate a Native American affiliation.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 35+ years and not able to make the connection for my Grandson, whos maternal Grandfather was Cherokee, but not registered with the Government.
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