questions about YG entertainment auditions?

So i have a cousin who is a trainee for YG, &im sending in an audition tape.

But now im scared about the 2nd audition in LA. I dont know if ill get the 2nd audition but I cant contact my cousin right now so i need someone to answer my questions.

What are the 2nd auditions like? do you need to dance and or sing infront of everyone? If you are chosen to be a trainee, where do you stay at in Korea? I know that they pay for your boarding and lessons and all that but where do you stay? do you live with other trainees?

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    Have you do research in this Y!A,google or in soompi forum?They said,2nd audition=all the people that pass the 1st audition will go to the 2nd maybe you'll have many companies with you at the 2nd audition.Then,I forgot if the audition goes one-by-one person or a group to be called into the audition room.You have to sing/act/dance whatever in front of the panelsbut not Yang Hyun Suk,the CEO of YG).If you are chosen,you'll live in Korea in the dorm near the entertainment company.But if you live in Korea and near to the company,then live in your house of course.In dorm,of course you have to share with some other trainee.

    *****Are you Asian?From where? Did you pass the 1st audition?Well,i'm planing to audition this December.***

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    howdy :) No! that's a suitable age! numerous trainees advise to audition on the a protracted time 13-18. a million) No, this is not proper in case you have braces! 2) Yeah, this is not proper! no longer numerous singers are all tall! For an occasion: SNSD (ladies' era), Taeyeon, Sunny, they are the two no longer the tallest people x] 3) Nope! in case you spotted, numerous singers positioned on settlement lenses and each now and then glasses. 4)Yeah, in case you're into R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap, YG is proper for you. YG in spite of the actuality that's incredibly troublesome to get in; they look at your expertise like troublesome-center haha. yet once you prepare, i'm useful you're able to do it! only think of approximately each and each enterprise and audition to the region which you think of is physically powerful for you :) 5)sure. yet make useful your photograph isn't photoshopped (do no longer substitute the lighting fixtures, colo, and so on. they won't accep it), this is going to additionally no longer be able to be like decal pictures. only save that in the time of recommendations :) reliable success!

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