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1. Some American Types

Seventeenth-century England produced a number of books on Characters

depicting English society through the typical personality patterns of the era. Trying

something of the same sort for contemporary America, the first fact one encounters is

the slighter emphasis on a number of character types than stand out elsewhere in

Western society: to be sure, they are to be found in America as well, but they are not

characteristically American. One thinks of the scholar, the aesthete, the priest or

“parson,” the “aristocratic” Army officer, the revolutionary student, the civil servant,

the male schoolteacher, the marriage broker, the courtesan, the mystic, the saint.

Anyone familiar with European literature will recognize these characters as stock

literary types and therefore as social types. Each of them represents a point of

convergence for character and society. Anyone familiar with American literature will

know that it contains stock portraits of its own which express social types. I want to

use these traditional types as backdrops and stress some of the social roles that are

new and still in process of formation.

Thus there is the fixer, who seems an organic product of a society in which the

middleman function eats away the productive one. He may be public-relations man or

influence peddler; he may get your traffic fine settled, or he may be able—whatever

the commodity—to “get it for you wholesale.” He is contemptuous of those who take

the formal rules seriously; he knows how to cut corners—financial, political,

administrative, or moral. At best there is something of the iconoclast in him, an

unfooled quality far removed from the European personality types that always obey

authority. At worst he becomes what the English call a “spiv” or cultural procurer.

--Max Lerner

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    1. 一些美國類型

    17 世紀英國關於性格生產許多書

    透過時代的典型的人格模型描繪英語為社會。 試驗



    西方的社會︰ 的確如此,他們將也被在美國發現,但是他們不是

    特異美國人。 一想起學人,審美家,神父或者

    縱火,ristocraticArmy 官員,革命學生,國家公務員,



    文學的類型因此作為社會類型。 他們中的每個描述一個點

    性格和社會的會集。 熟悉美國文學的任何人將

    知道它包含股票表示社會類型的它自己的肖像。 我想要




    經紀人功能侵蝕多產的。 他可能是公共關係人或者

    影響小販; 他可能很好解決你的交通,或者他可能是ablehatever

    commodityo et它給你批發。 他看不起帶的那些人

    嚴重的正式的規章; 他知道怎樣切cornersinancial,政治,

    管理,或者道德。 充其量他,A有有點象偶像破壞者


    權力。 最壞他成為英國人叫pivor的文化取得者。



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