Psycroptic Fans! Get In Here !?

I don't know about you , but I just found out that Psycroptic are about half way through writing new material for the NEW album. Joe Haley speaks and says "The material is the strongest and most memorable we have written .I know every band says this but if it wasn’t true there wouldn’t be a point in us recording it! ".

I was disappointed to hear in 2008 for their 4 studio album release Matthew "Chalky" Chalk will not be doing vocals , but Jason Peppiatt has really grown on me . Anyway I am really excited for there next album.

MQ: Are you excited for this album?

BQ: What did you think of Ob(Servent) ?

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    I love Psycroptic dude.

    One of the best Tech Death bands out there. I too liked Chalky a lot, but tbh, the more I listened to Ob(servant) the more I realized that Jason was at least as versatile in his harsh vocals. Plus.. the number one thing for me is their drums. They have some of the best Tech drumming , period. I know most people are huge Flo Mournier fans.. btu I think he is WAY too blast beat dependent still. The drumming for Psycroptic uses them more to punctuate, and IMO gives em more power by doing so.

    Psycroptic and Fleshmould are to me the best drumming I have heard in Tech Death.

    So, yeah... very excited.. and Ob(Servant) has actually become my favorite Psycroptic album.. does that make me a "Poseur" fan??? =P

  • Hey....a rare question :D

    this band is tight...and i really mean it!!.. riff masters \m/

    i dint know about this new album...glad to hear about that..i hope they really mean what they're saying..i dint enjoy Ob and Symbols of Failure as much as The Scepter of the Ancients (which is a mindblowing album)....Ob was technically very strong but i felt that the arrangements were not so good..

    anyway..glad u asked a question abt these guys..they never get mentioned here

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