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what is this scary movie called?? Best Answer!?!?!?

i saw this movie on tv a long time ago. it was about a family that went on vacation and stopped in this ghost town. they find a video of some girl, and then later see the same girl working at a restaurant. and weird things happen to the family. the car goes missing. and you never actually see the monster. but in the end, the thing gets them, and they become a part of the town. what is it called?

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    "A family driving through the U.S. state of New Mexico discover an old ghost town, Weaver, and stop to take snapshots. Patrons at an estranged diner, in a lobotomized or brainwashed state, claim to not have heard of Weaver, although a gas-station attendant warns Jim Henley to "stay on the pavement." Henley, his wife Patty, his son Matt, along with Matt's friend Ethan and sister Kate make their way to the ghost town, discovering mysterious symbols and a human-sized dry skin on a wall, also discovering a video tape, which reveals previous visitors were taken by an unseen force, ending with a girl running from the unseen threat. The car, an SUV, is disabled and the family is forced to spend the night in one of the abandoned buildings. The unseen person/force steals their car, along with a flashlight and Jim's sweater..."



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    hmm beats me

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