My hair is....PLZZ HELP?


i have very dry & dead hair

i straighten it EVERYDAY

I use conditoner & shampoo

do you have any tips on what i can do to get my healthy hair back ? without stopping straightening !

Thxx so much




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    For that answer you'd need a beautician.

    Could you find a hairstyle that would work with your hairs natural tenancy to curl? If you continue to straighten your hair you will have a big mess. continue with treatments to your hair. like hot oil hair strengthener like hot oil, or oatmeal based conditioners? Human hair was just not made to take those extreme, harsh chemicals..

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    A lot of my friends ask me this question. I have very healthy hair and I use heat on it almost everyday. I recommend washing your hair everyother day so that your hair can get some of its natural oils back. Shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils and leaves it dry and stringy looking. (if your hair is very greasy and you have to wash everyday do so, or maybe try a dry shampoo so hair isnt so greasy.) Try getting >>TWO<< high quality shampoo and conditioners. I recommend Matrix and Bumble and Bumble. If you want drugstore go for moisterizing and volumizing. I recommend Aussie moisture and Tresseme moisture. It is important to have two shampoos and conditioners so that your hair doesnt get build up. Next use a good heat protectant. Since you use heat on your hair everyday you need a really nice quality heat protectant. I know a lot of people are obsessed with Chi Silk Infussion it is great! silky, thin, long lasting, and works great! apply this to the ends of your hair to protect hair from being burned, damaged. If you must get a drugstore heat protectent go for Tresseme heat tammer spray. And last but not least get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks to get all those split ends off! Have fun with your hair! It should make you feel beautiful everyday! i hope my tips help you achieve a very beautiful new you!

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    You should try to use a different shampoo, making Pantene Smooth Shampoo + Conditioner, it really helped with my hair (: Also, when you go to the hair salon get your dead ends cut off, get layers. You should try using some products that will help there's a lot of good products out there for damaged hair.

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    1 decade ago

    ok first if ur hair is very damaged the only thing to do is chop it off. sorry its the truth. second try mane N tail shampoo and conditioner.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You could get it layered and buy some leave-in conditioner. Like sunsilk...lots of different brands.

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