Im nearly 17 & never had a boyfriend : /?

sorry,I posted this question about a hour ago, but i want more awnsers

well im 16 nearly 17 :/ never had a actual boyfriend, never even held hands let alone kissed a boy. never been anywhere with a boy to sum it up. I obviously want that to change..

Im quite shy guys often say im cute pretty i do get compliments, but never goes anywhere. i don't know to many guys because i don't really go out just because i live in a small town, nowhere to go. I have friends im not lonely lol.

So what i want are - tips how to meet guy's? (decent guy's)

How not to be so shy ?

Basically i want someone to care for me, i really do (:

Please help? thankyou guys x


I go to college, But its a all girls class.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You're still young, you shouldn't worry about that! =P (I shouldn't even say that, I'm only a little older than you!)

    But I understand where you're coming from! Maybe you need to work on your self esteem or confidence? Make new friends, that are guys, get talking to them...Even if you're not confident, act like you are, projecting confidence makes people believe you are confident and secure. If you are shy, you just need to talk to yourself - give yourself pep talks, and summon up the courage to just talk to a boy! They really aren't that scary, honest! Usually the guys you meet at parties aren't really that great, so maybe through friends? At school - do you have a crush on a cute boy? Or...the beach? Any public place? Like a library or the pool? I know if you go to an arcade, you're sure to find some boys (and me!) hanging out there? =) A skate park? Where ever you go, you just need to work on your confidence! With your friends at first, and then move on to your acquaintances and then people you don't know!

    Doesn't everyone want someone to care for them? =) Plus, even if you don't find the 'one' right now, you've got your whole life ahead of you, you will sooner or later! Don't worry! And smile! =D

  • 3 years ago

    Hi, I used to say exactly the same! The only advice I can give you is enjoy being single, go out with your mates lots and be happy... this is when a boy will be attracted to you. It's a bit of a cliche, but if you are feeling desperate then not only will it put the good guys off, but it will definitely attract the 'wrong' type of boy. It hurts like hell when all your friends are dating and it can knock your confidence, but I promise you that no-one ends up never dating at all! Have you thought that maybe boys may find you intimidating? Sometimes tall attractive girls can really intimidate boys. It's a fact that the most attractive girls actually get less male attention than their plainer friends. This is because guys are so afraid of being rejected (it knocks their confidence and ego) that they'll often approach the less attractive girls first. I watched a TV programme that showed this and I was really shocked! The best thing to do is get out there where the boys are, chat to them like you'd chat to your mates. Look interested in what they talk about and smile. Maybe casually ask for their number to meet up again. They'll feel flattered that a pretty girl has taken an interest and maybe it'll win you a date! If not there's plenty more out there! Don't be too eager to get involved, enjoy meeting boys and just spending time with them. Life is sometimes more fun with just your mates! :0)

  • 10 years ago

    You could meet a guy from school that you like or someone else & you could take a friend with you for the first time then you wont be as shy and just gradually start talking to him but I also get shy when I meet a girl I try to not be but its natural :)

  • 10 years ago

    Don`t worry, all you are missing out on is the drama and heart breaks which being in a relationship causes especially at your age. If you would like to meet potential guys the best way is to join a club (s) which your most interested in whether it be sports, music, drama etc and this way you can meet new people and you share similar interests with. Good Luck

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  • 10 years ago

    you sound like a realy nice girl, and being shy isnt a bad thing. i think the key is to be confident, and project ur confidence. when you see a guy that u want to talk to, just talk to him dont even think about it(as long as you have somehting to say)

    there are guys every where u go u juss have to be willing to associate with them(:

    good luck(:

    p.s dont look to hard because if u do that u will loses sight of the right type of guy for yourself and u might eventually end up with some one that isnt good for you.

    if hes the right guy for u, u will know (maybe not at first.)

  • 10 years ago

    i have the same problem =/ ... and right now... im still single... im 14 and i never had a bf... and i'm not allowed to go out..... well anyways... what i think u should do is to be a little bit flirty type of girl or just be yourself... it doesn't really matter... cuz if u want to meet a decent guy... u should just be yourself.. and of course he will respect that.... =) good luck.... and love can always is in the air... lol =)

  • 10 years ago

    Maybe you wll meet people when you become older I dont know when you go to college, I mean it could happen right?

  • don't worry - i didn't have a boyfriend until i was 18, and i hadn't kissed a boy until i was about 17.

    just give it time - i didn't go looking for anyone, it all just happened and now i have a wonderful boyfriend who cares for me a lot :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You think you have problems Iam 36 & never had a partner!!!!!!

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