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gulf of mexico?????????

hi, i'm from italy and i have just seen news about gulf of mexico?

next august i will go to florida. the situation is it good?is there a petrol on the beach?


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    I live in Biloxi, MS, a city located on the Gulf of Mexico and in the middle of the oil leak and Florida. As of right now all Florida beaches are open for business and no oil that can be directly linked to the leak has been found on Florida beaches.

    However, your visit is still a long time from now and many things could change. Where in Florida are you planning to visit? If it is on the eastern side of Florida, the beaches will probably not be effected. All I can suggest is that you stay current on the situation and any progress or set backs the clean up may be experiencing. I strongly suggest that you check the official web site of the city/beach you are planning to visit. Remember, that an official city website in Florida will end in

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    I say it is unlikely. I don't know too much about the whole incident. It is a bad natural disaster but the Gulf of Mexico is huge so I doubt the spill will affect florida coast when you get there in august. Again, there's always the great unknown as no one knows what will happen if the spill cannot be stopped by that time (can't even imagine).

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    Not yet, but you may smell it in the air when the wind blows right.

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