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Insect bite... identify?

I hope someone can help solve this mystery. After searching for a while, we have come up with no result.

This morning, I was walking to my car and a bug flew into my shirt. When I ruffled around to get it out, I felt a painful sensation in my abdomen. Upon further examination of the insect, it almost looked like a mix between a cricket and a fly.

But here's the weird thing... the bite it left on my abdomen looks like a spider bite. It has two identical bite marks, not very small either. The puncture wounds are what weirds me out because I've never seen a double mark like that in a fly of any variety.

We thought maybe horsefly but I looked at horsefly bites and none of the images have two spots such as this.

If you have any ideas, please help!

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    I really can't tell which insect bite you but you must see a doctor if you feel anything unusual.

    As for the insect see these if you find it in here........




    It is hard to tell without seeing the bite mark and insect itself that what insect bite you, it could be a hybrid or unknown species .


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    make useful it is not a tick chew. "Ring around the chew" usually potential Lyme ailment, in accordance with what the hoop rooks like. it may desire to basically be an exceptionally nasty mosquito chew, or possibly a spider chew or a bee sting. i decide to advise you notice a dermatologist or your extensive-unfold MD as a results of fact it fairly is nevertheless bothersome after 2 weeks.

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