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Are the environmental wackos (EW) and the NIMBYs partially to blame for the oil spill?

The EWs and NIMBYs won't allow offshore drilling in the SHALLOW water nearer the coast line. If BP et al didn't have to go through a mile of water to get to the oil and instead only had to go through 500 feet, this COULD (not necessarily would) have been capped already. The pressure is so much higher at the deeper depths than at the more shallow depths. So, I contend the EWs and NIMBYs are partly responsibile. I am interested in your opinions.


Master Bait, you present a case that is hard NOT to accept and believe. I hope others are up to the challenge.

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    It's George Bush's fault. Him and Dick Cheney dove to the bottom of the platform and set explosives and blew it up. New Orleans was a practice run when Bush and Cheney went in and blew up the walls that flooded the city. Now with all the oil, Halliburton will make millions and billions off of the clean up. Bush did this to make the greatest president in the universe look bad. Bush and Cheney should be tried for treason. Bush hates black people and dolphins, and the Gulf Coast. First, he ordered the hurricane to destroy the Chocolate City, now he is destroying the whole Gulf Coast with this oil spill.

    But, I don't worry about it, because President Obama is our savior and will save us from the past eights years of Bush/Cheney.

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