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I live in the USA and if was 1pm what time would it be in Bosnia?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Time zone for Bosnia is UTC+01

    UTC = Coordinated Universal Time

    Depending on where do you exactly live in the USA, your time zone is one of these:

    - Eastern standard time zone: (EST; UTC-05) - the states on the Atlantic coast and the eastern two thirds of the Ohio Valley.

    - Central standard time zone: (CST; UTC-06) - the Gulf Coast, Tennessee Valley, and Great Plains.

    - Mountain standard time zone: (MST; UTC-07) - roughly the states that include the Rocky Mountains.

    - Pacific standard time zone: (PST; UTC-08) - Pacific coast, plus Nevada.

    - Alaska standard time zone: (AKST; UTC-09)

    - Hawaii-Aleutian standard time zone: (or unofficially Hawaii Standard Time: HST) (HAST; UTC-10), which includes Hawaii and most of the Aleutian Islands

    For example if you're somewhere on the Eastern Coast, Bosnian time is 6 hours ahead (when there's noon at your place, in Bosnia it's 6pm).

    Strangely enough all my clocks are set up for Bosnian time ;) so I can tell you it's Sunday May 30, 20 minutes past noon in Bosnia at this very moment.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not enough information is known to answer this question. The United States is a large place and has many time zones. In general, it would be about 6-10 hours later in Bosnia. (Depending on your location within the USA.) So, if it were 1pm at your home in USA, it would probably be sometime between 6 and Modnight in Europe. (The same day.)

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