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what do you think of this picture?

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    Uh-oh >>

    As dad of one lively lovely & ex-stepdad to 4 others - now @ 19/35 - you just got thru to my Simon Cowell voice

    You look bright, bubbly, breezy, creative, warm, friendly, romantic, energetic, sexy & passionate

    But maybe kinda deluded, celeb-obsessed & calculating?

    & hint of nudity could make you a target: do ya parents know @ this? Grandad/Nan? Ya teachers? Wise, trustworthy local adults?

    As my only daughter is a goth 'net fashion model & my only female cousin was a top fashion model, & a pal used to be an iconic top supermodel, who saw thru the phoniness of the job while fresh in it, if I were a gambler, I'd say you have crazy ambitions to be the shady, more dangerous glam model?

    Google salutary celeb stalker stories

    "Prefer the cuts of a friend to the flatteries of an enemy" - Bible Proverbs @ wonderful wisdom

    Thank you for auditioning: we've all enjoyed meeting you

    We're gonna send you on work experience, to get ya head out of the clouds & plant your feet on The Solid Rock of Christ;_ylt=A0oG75rSTAN...

    In fact, let's talk turkey: if you are like the subject of Led Zepellin classic Stairway To Heaven - a junkie pro - I'm now gonna take great delight in annoying da sado Amy Wino

    Best alkie/junkie Rehab is @

    Google book reviews of their Run Baby, Run! - by ex armed NYC gang leader Nicky Cruz

    & see movie review of Erik Estrada iconic movie portrayal @

    Brief Nicky Cruz bio

    & the similar Teen Challenge bio book by ex armed NYC gang leader, Sonny Arguinzoni

    You DO know that 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg are ruthless porn barons, who purposely set out to make porn mainstream

    You DO know that several Satanist heavy metal bands are sworn to deceive & corrupt youth into devil worship

    Google ebooks by ex gangstas now made good - I'm up to Y/A limit of 10 URLs per post

    Heard news that rows over Charlotte Church comeback just broke up her marriage plans to Gavin Henson?

    Her hilarious bio book is, Keep Smiling!

    Next !!

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    I've seen ones with --the wedding party walking in--not sure how your bridesmaids, maid of honor, grooms men, etc will be getting to the front. --then the bride with her father or who ever is giving her away. Also the mothers being seated. --various ones of the ceremony...the moms lighting the unity candle, the bride and groom looking lovingly into each others eyes, if you are having candle lighters, special music, etc...of course you have to capture the ring exchange and the kiss then once you are presented as man and wife then walking down the aisle together. (these may depend on the rules the minister has...this may be something to check) --after with the wedding party generally there are some with the bride and her ladies then the groom with the ladies, the groom with his guys and the bride with the guys...these can be funny or serious...the bride w/ her parents, grandparents and other family then the groom with the brides family and the groom with his family, etc. --the reception you'll definately want the cake and if you have pretty wine glasses. What I've always thought was neat at the reception was just havign disposible cameras and let the people there take pictures, I'd just make a note for people to keep them tasetful. One picture I have always loved was the shot of the brides hand and the grooms hand once the ceremony is done. I have some pictures from my nieces weddings I can send you if you'd like to get some ideas. Good Luck and Congrats!

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    DAYMN SON......i mean looks good and wow your pretty

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    it looks good

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    i think i would like to see more.

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    its ok

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    no.. juss... stop seriously

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