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medicine in USA

I know that i must have a bachelor degree to admit medical school.

1.What is the bachelor degree??Is it any subject??Or must related to medicine??

2.Can i get that degree in Usa

3.How long may i take?

4.What is the requirement of being a citizen in USA.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1.What is the bachelor degree??Is it any subject??Or must related to medicine??

    Basically, the Road to Medical School in USA is as follow

    Bachelor Degree Holder (Any discipline) -> MCAT (before/after graduate) - > Pre-Med -> Medical School.

    In some Medical School, if you have a medical science degree, you can waive the pre-med year (which is 1 year) you can take MCAT before you graduate from your localise degree.

    2.Can i get that degree in Usa

    Which Degree? Medical Degree or Local Degree?

    Dude, study 4 years and graduate....

    3.How long may i take?

    Given no retake or whatever, 8 years from your first degree to your medical degree.

    4.What is the requirement of being a citizen in USA.

    Getting Citizenship is different thing that getting MEdical Degree.

    You cannot get Citizenship by studying in USA, you must be able to secure a job in US, or invest in US or get married to a US Citizens to migrtate to USA.

    After you migrated, you will need to stay in US for certain years to gain US Citizenship, the stay is usually 3-5 years.

    Getting Medical Degree in US does not equal to you are US Citizens, nor would it eqaul to you can get US Citizenship directly, those are two different things

    Source(s): I amn US Citizens have relative studying Medical School in US
  • Gary
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    1 decade ago

    1. Bachelor Degree is easier to be known as B.S., B.A., BSc. or similar. In a regular university, it is the first level degree that it offers to students.

    Although Medical school does not specific a particular major, applicants tend to have a background of medicine related majors (such as pre-med, biology, chemistry, and so on).

    2. You can get it in any countries. But for going medical school in the U.S. (although your chance is so small), you will have a better advantage by having a U.S. degree.

    3. I assume you mean the Bachelor Degree. It usually takes 5-6 years (the increase in time is due to budget issue and increase in students).

    4. In a simple way to explain, you must be a Permanent Resident for certain times. Also, you must satisfy residency requirement as well as you have to prove you fulfill your obligation. Upon successful interview and swearing ceremony, the Legal Permanent Resident will become a citizen.

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