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Zevo golf clubs review?

i just bought the Zevo ZV1's for 70 bucks.. they are used but honestly they must not have been used more than one round of golfing. I am just wondering did i get a good deal for my money and how are these clubs? obviously the guy at the store sold them as the best clubs i could get right now.. but i havent been able to find anything online about these clubs. what does everyone else who has had a run in with these clubs have to say about them?

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    This is a great question that should be asked before plunking your money down.

    At this point, do they work well for you? If so, yes, you got your money's worth. If not, nope, they are junk.

  • 4 years ago

    I never heard the brand Zevo. Some famous golf brands are: Callaway Taylormade Ping Nike Adams Cleveland Titleist

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