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Anderson Silva or Shogun Rua.?

Who do you guys think would win at 205.

BQ - Is it true Anderson has like 2 fights on his contract before he retires?


I think people stoped considering Lyoto the best fighter after the first fight..

Update 2:

*stopped my bad

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    Silva,, he's just more lethal than Rua,, better striker,,, better avoidance

    BQ- no,,,

    and just cuz a guy wins ONE FIGHT dont make him the best,,, all these new MMA "fans" need to learn this sports history b4 they talk,,,,, realy,,,, Lyoto's the best in the UFC??!!??

    Loss Mauricio Rua Knock Out UFC® 113 MACHIDA vs. SHOGUN 2

    Win Mauricio Rua Unanimous Decision UFC® 104 MACHIDA v SHOGUN

    Win Rashad Evans Knock Out UFC® 98 EVANS vs MACHIDA

    Win Thiago Silva Knock Out UFC® 94 ST-PIERRE VS PENN 2

    Win Tito Ortiz Unanimous Decision UFC® 84 ILL WILL

    Win Rameau Sokoudjou Submission (Choke) UFC® 79 NEMESIS

    Win Kazuhiro Nakamura Unanimous Decision UFC® 76 KNOCKOUT

    Win David Heath Unanimous Decision UFC® 70: NATIONS COLLIDE

    Win Sam Hoger Unanimous Decision UFC® 67: ALL OR NOTHING

    theres your "best" a bunch of no ones and has beens besides Evans and Silva

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    Anderson is the best at his current weight. But at 205 , Shogun will have the fight of his life with Anderson Silva. But Silva will be facing a very dangerous opponent. Specially in the clinches. Anderson is a master. Still Shogun is a great fighter and it is highly possible for him to win..

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    Dana White mentioned that before Anderson can move up to LHW he must finish out Belfort and Sonnen. I believe he can do it, that scumbag. Once he does that I imagine he'll fight one or two guys in the division and head over to fight Shogun. Shogun's route will probably be more along the lines of Evans, Lil Nog and possibly one other fighter, possibly Couture because Shogun has said that he wanted to fight Couture.

    I think Shogun has what it takes to beat the spider. I think Shogun is better at figuring out his opponent's weaknesses and his striking is very unnatural and awkward. His striking is way better than anybody Silva has fought.

    People doubted him against Machida and he figured Machida out even when machida trains with Anderson. This could be the biggest MMA fight up to that point. When it comes to betting on the fighter I'll be betting on Shogun.

    Neither fighter have an easy win in their hands. Anybody who will easily say "Shogun" or "Silva" just doesn't know either fighter. I will be cheering on Shogun and I honestly feel as though he will take Silva out. He has the KO power and is very good at figuring out his opponents. You can't say either has **** striking, I just can't stand Silva and aside from Shogun being my fave guy (next to Couture) he has the tools to be in the top two or three top pound for pound fighters.

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    Shogun just beat best fighter in UFC

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