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Is it safe to give away a parakeet on craigslist?

Is it safe, I notice alot of the people say they have a kid that will spoil it to death..but how can you tell which replys are people who will be safe homes and not just sell it to a lab or something?

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I dont really have anywhere to take it. I really dont want to get rid of it. I have searched and searched for bird rescues in my town and surronding towns. it costs money to take it to the shelter, which is the reason I cant keep him.

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    Only give it to someone who is willing to allow you to visit their home (which is unlikely in light of the recent "Craigslist murder").

    I acquired my bird from Craigslist. She had been purchased as a very young chick from an aviary that was about to close down (and thus couldn't finish her and her siblings' handfeeding) by someone who raised her up a bit, weaned her, and sold her to me, so she was not really a secondhand bird, as I was her first real permanent owner. I've had her for two and a half years and love her to pieces and am so incredibly thankful that I found such a wonderful bird on there.

    *However*, I do realize that our success story is not the story of all birds, and in retrospect I probably would never have bought a bird from someone who didn't care enough to at least make sure I knew my bird basics. Make sure whoever you give the bird to is really right for the bird and knows how to take care of him.

    The best option would be to give the bird to someone you know in person, but if that is not an option, Craigslist is not *always* a horrible choice, though it can unfortunately turn out that way.

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    Yes and No, You CAN find good homes on craigslist with extremely careful screening. However there are more "Scammers/abusers/bunchers." searching this site also ! And its hard to determine just which type of person is getting your pet. I have adopted two of my pets from craigslist and they are both much loved members of my home receive regular vet care and are spoiled rotten and I paid nothing for them ! but that's not always the case, Some say asking a fee helps to ensure a good home and it may weed out a few bad seeds but you can never really know. The best way to re-home a animal in my opinion is to find a reputable local rescue ! They know the proper procedures questions etc to safely re-home a animal. Or you can ask them for assistance in placing your pet most are glad to help because the animal staying in it original home until adoption reduces stress. Hope this helps

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    meet the people. offer to tak it to thier house, find a home with out kids... i got 4 of my birds from ppl on craigslist. u could also try petfinder classifieds or

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    Yes it is but make sure you make sure that whoever you are giving it to is a good responsible owner!It would suck to see a parakeet to go to an abusive or irresponsible owner!you know what i mean?

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    dont sell it on craigs list

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    please god do not sell the poor thing on craigslist, no good can come of it .

    you really can't tell.

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