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Questions about the Holocaust?

What was the Holocaust?

What is a death camp?

Who was well known for their involvement in the Holocaust and why?

How many Jews were murdered?

What societies were affected?

Who was responsible for the Holocaust?

Where was the Holocaust?

Did the Jews fight the Nazi's?

How did the Holocaust affect society?

Please no websites

just the answers ..

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    The Holocaust was the systematic identification, round up,and extermination of European Jews (and other,smaller 'undesirable' groups), as a matter of state policy, by Nazi Germany during the Third Reich.

    A Death Camp was one of 6 purpose built camps in Poland for the specific task of quick mass murder of large numbers of those targeted in the Holocaust. They were:







    Those well known for involvement in the Holocaust included

    Heinrich Himmler - Reichsfuhrer SS and head of the SS, the organization in overall charge of the Death Camps.

    Reinhard Heydrich - Himmler's deputy and responsible for organizing 'The Final solution of the Jewish Question' the Nazi term for the Holocaust

    Adolf Eichmann - controlled the operational logistics of the transportation and extermination of Jews in the Death Camps.

    Josef Mengele - Nazi doctor who carried out medical experiments on prisoners in the Death Camps. Known as 'The Angel of Death'

    Adolf Hitler - Head of State in Nazi Germany and therefore responsible overall for the formulation and implementation of the Holocaust policy.

    Most historians agree on a figure of around 6 million Jews murdered.Some go as high as 11 million, others (the Holocaust Deniers) minimize the figure, in some cases as low as zero.

    All societies across German controlled Europe were effected; in most European countries (not least Germany) the Jews were largely assimilated with the general population by the 1930s.

    Ultimately, as Head of State of Nazi Germany, Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust.Without his active support and agreement, it could never have been carried out. His book 'Mein Kampf' written in the 1920s, clearly displays his extreme anti Semitism and presages the 'Final Solution'

    The Holocaust took place across all areas of Europe controlled by the Germans in WW2. The Death Camps were in Poland, but 2 million Jews were executed by firing squad in Russia, and many Jews (for example Anne Frank) died during round ups and internment in concentration camps, awaiting transport to the Death Camps.

    There was a breakout from Sobibor Death Camp in 1943 that involved killing some of the guards.

    The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of May 1943 saw armed resistance by Jews against German attempts to transport them to Death Camps.

    The British Army in North Africa and the Mediterranean, and the Partizan resistance movement in Yugoslavia,included specially formed all Jewish combat units.

    The effect on society was to remove most of Europe's Jews across most of the continent.

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    The title Holocaust approach *burnt delivering.* I can guarantee you that it wasn't Jews who gave it that title. We name it the shoah -- the disaster. Not all sufferers of the Holocaust had been Jewish, however ALL Jews had been sufferers. Non-Jews have come to peer it as a Jewish time period in view that it is just the Jews who mourn their households as a organization (loved ones). Because the bulk had been Jews, others do not see the mourning of the minorities. Others do not mourn as a organization (Roma, handicapped, JWs, Blacks, and many others.). Because Jews are a loved ones (tribe/persons), we mourn in combination as a loved ones. Somehow, others interpret that as now not acknowledging the 5 million non-Jews who additionally perished within the Shoah. It's now not the Jews that do not recognize the 5 million non-Jews, it's folks that see OUR memorials who have a tendency to ignore the various *others* who additionally perished along side our persons. It is simplest the Jews who had been destroyed with no trouble in view that they existed. “Few are Guilty, however all are dependable.” Abraham Joshua Heschel .

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    Three months ago somebody gave you a list of a dozen good Holocaust sites. Use them. Go to the library around the 940.5 Dewey area and find the Holocaust books. There is a very good Time-Life multi-volume set with many pictures that is fairly common. The answer to your third question is Heinrich Himmler, who was responsible for setting up the camps and coordinating transportation to them, and the Final Solution (mass murder techniques) itself. Homework is not the task of Yahoo Answers.

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    Here's the answer: a history book. Do some reading, its good for the brain.

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