Arkansas fans are you upset with Petrino?

having lost yet another #1 recruit from the state of Arkansas to Auburn?


lol yea I agree with the Falcon's thing.. Petrino has underhanded my 2 favorite teams (Auburn and Atlanta)

Update 2:

Brey Cook I've heard will come down to Auburn and Arkansas too but I've heard he's almost an Arkansas Lock.. but if you include Kiehl Frazier Auburn has Kodi Burns, Lee Ziemba, Michael Dyer and Frazier which were all high profile recruits out of Arkansas

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    Well, sometimes, it's better for Arkansas to let them go. I mean, do they REALLY want Kodi Burns on their roster? lol

    And anyways, I don't think Arkansas really needed him, because from what I hear, Arkansas already has a large number of Quarterbacks on the roster.

    Also, Arkansas isn't the only school Auburn beat out to get Keihl Frazier. Outside of Auburn and Arkansas, the following schools recruited him heavily:

    Notre Dame, Michigan, West Virginia, Clemson, Nebraska, Ohio State, Western Michigan, Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma State, Miami (FL), Northwestern, Florida, Florida State, Kansas State, Illinois, Duke, Colorado, UCLA, Memphis, Cincy, Mississippi State, and Tulsa.

    But Auburn is where he wanted to be. War Eagle!

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    Huge Arkansas fan here. Yea Auburn is starting to really piss me off raiding our state for our best players. And Kiehl Frazier isnt Arkansas #1 recruit. Its actually an offensive lineman named Brey Cook. He has a lot of offers and Arkansas has a good chance to get him. And honestly not getting Kiehl Frazier is no biggie. We already have enough QBs on campus with the addition of the other top QB recruit in the state Brandon Allen. We didnt really need Frazier. And were not mad at Petrino because we are glad hes out coach over that moron Houston Nutt. Petrino knows what hes doing and Arkansas fans trust him and his coaching staff.

  • Don't fret over Auburn, we all know your bread & butter in recruiting is to the south west of ya. I would be more concerned with June Jones & Mike Sherman and OSU here's why.

    A&M- While I thought it was silly not offering the job to Butch Davis (lord knows they can pay whatever they want & still be profitable) and going with a guy who doesn't look like he could sell a free sandwich, Mike Sherman can coach. Currently he is the best X's & O's guy in the big 12 south (top 15 in country) and has a potential stud coming into his final year at qb. and if they get any improvement from their secondary they will make a big splash this season. If that happens the 10 year raiding party out in east TX. (primarily by LSU & Arkansas) will lose some of its muster. I tell ya folks, all that guy needs is talent!

    SMU- While they aren't in a bcs conference June Jones offensive mind dazzles all. Plus, unlike Mike Leach, he has a pleasant personality so when they win a bunch of games this year & sportscenter runs highlights of them blowing out C-USA opponents don't be surprised if Ark has a tougher time pulling skill players from the DFW area. They won't consistently beat out UT, OU & A&M while playing in C-USA but the fight could get real interesting with Arkansas & everyone else in NE TX.

    Oklahoma St.- Mike Gundy has no biz being anything but an OC however, they will have the best facilities in college football for at least the next 10 years because of T. Boone Pickens huge endowment to the university. Nothing like going on a recruiting trip and walking onto a campus that has better facilities than a lot of NFL teams. That type of bling always gets you dreaming!

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    The best thing that ever happened to my beloved Falcons was for Quitrino to leave in the middle of the night like a coward. I feel for the Razorbacks fans, but I hope they never win a damn game with him coaching there.

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  • What program would you want to play for? Any good player would rather play of the great Auburn Tigers.

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    Well at least he didnt leave Arkansas in the middle of a season to go to another coaching job......

    Source(s): SCREW YOU PETRINO!!!!!!!! GOOOOO FALCONS!!!
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    it will not hurt anything

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