Is Apple the real "Evil Corporation" that some accuse Bill Gates of wanting to build?

Full control of all software... rigid content licenses... monitors and printers have to be theirs, or approved... devices that have to be taken into an authorized service center just to change the battery... court suits against journalists...

Is that Apple's "alternative"? Steve Jobs as digital dictator?


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    10 years ago
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    I hate Apple I admit that but:

    Microsoft is a Software company - it always was - they DON'T MAKE COMPUTERS.

    Apple is a Hardware Company and they make Macs.

    You can't compare the two and it's people who insist that you can that get sucked into the Mac vs PC row.

    If you want to compare them then compare their divisions. Apple's software Arm built Mac OSX now comparing the two SOFTWARE Mac OSX and Windows you can conclude Windows is better reason being Windows will run on any PC made by any Manufacturer. OSX will only run on Macs. Windows will even run on a Mac, but OSX won't run on other PCs because Apple won't allow it cause it wouldn't work. Apple is incapable of meeting demand and addressing the vast array of Hardware that's out there, so rather than even try they just don't bother.

    PCs and Macs are made from the same hardware and if you compare the Hardware there is nothing special about a Mac, the same hardware setup on a PC would be just as fast and just as reliable.

    Fact of the matter is this: Apple is a personality cult, run by Steve Jobs, he left Apple before and the company went down the pan, he had to come back to save it, and he had to take money from Microsoft to do so. When Steve Jobs dies, Apple dies with him the company will not exist without him.

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    I think a better comparison is having a "personal relationship" with Frodo because I read "The Lord of the Rings." The difference being that Bill Gates actually exists. .

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    I think that what Apple has done has offered the consumer more dependability. With Windows and the PC, your experience will depend upon the specific manufacturer. The best example I can give is that when you go to a store that sells magazines, there are all these magazines dedicated to "Troubleshooting," "Fixing," and "Repairing" PCs. Apple users, myself included, pay the extra money for a more hassle-free experience, quality software, hardware and peripherals, and cutting-edge bitchin-ness.

  • 10 years ago

    I don't have much experience with Apple.

    But, I do have experience with Windows.

    I've always thought of Windows as being far too rigid and uncompromising. Believing this. I would say that Bill Gates compared to what you've posted is more like comparing Bush to Obama.

    Bush got Socialism in the door with the Patriot Act and Obama waltzed right in and introduced Universal Federal Government run Health Care.

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  • 10 years ago

    yes. this is why apple struggled up until the ipod made them "cool" for no aparent reason. because the first generation of computer users saw apple's propreitary BS for what it is and roundly rejected it. microsoft doesnt own the PC format, they just own windows and ms-dos. there are any number of operating systems that can be ran off a PC, notably Linux. but there is only 1 way to run a mac.

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    10 years ago

    That depends on your definition of "evil". If it's the job of a CEO to maximize profit, he's just very good at his job. If it's to be an advocate for the customer, he's evil incarnate.

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    10 years ago

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