What are my chances of winning my appeal for Florida Unemployment?

I was an LP Officer at this company, I was terminated basically for a policy violation for chasing a shoplifter beyond the stopping point set by the store. It was determined that it was misconduct I did not agree that my actions fit the definition of misconduct, so I appealed. The policy has not been properly enforced in the past because my supervisor committed the same type of violation except her end results were an arrest and recovery, mine was not. There was no action taken against her when this occurred. I know she admitted to me she violated the policy, she even called me the night she did it. What are my chances of winning my appeal? My phone hearing is scheduled for this Tuesday June 1st. Trying to get my game plan set and ready for this hearing any advice or knowledge would be appreciated.


Carribeangirl06: They have my report which they made me do of the incident. So yeah that's the proof but according to the company LP handbook, the stopping point for each store will be decided by the store. This store does not have a seperate handbook for its own policies and procedures. Neither is the stopping distance posted anywhere in the office. Its basically told to you and you are expected to remember it.

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    Do they have any proof at all that you went beyond the stopping point? I.E. videos or a written statement signed by you. What happened when you were let go as far as discussing the violation they claimed you had? I agree with the previous user. Don't mention the other women's incident. They don't really care about other coworkers. Basically, your work is fighting your unemployment benefits, claiming you violated policies, but unless they have actual proof you did or you have been in trouble for it before, you should be able to fight and get unemployment benefits.

    Source(s): My fiance had to appeal to get his unemployment as well for a similiar situation. It took us over 4 months to finally get ours. We even contacted our governor. It took us awhile, but we finally got approved.
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    dunno, its up to the arbitrator, just say you didnt violate store policy, if you admit you did and try to claim that another girl did too, you're sunk.. ADMIT NO WRONGDOING

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