Rate me 1 through 10 please?

Rate me 1 through 10? The picture's not edited, but the little line things are because its from a MAC. i'm 13 and I don't wear makeup. [Just turned 13 this month]

1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.


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    Don't do this honey!

    I have been there and been 13!

    Who cares what everyone will rate you!

    You are beautiful no matter what!

    you are a pretty young lady...

    to be beautiful is more than just looks its your attitude!

    Be a nice person, love everyone, help others in need, be supportive, be respectful... then you will never have a worry in the world! I promise!

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    Your absolutely stunning and so unique looking. Your 10/10 and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Guys are always rating us girls out of 10.

    Give yourself a break.

    Also something helpful i was once told was :Don't go through anyone else to believe in yourself!

    Some people's 'advice' doesn't always come from a very true/accurate place.

    The world will not always treat you as you deserve/fairly.

    Appearances is only worth so much despite what we're all brain-washed into believing in the media and through consumerism.

    Take Care :)

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    If your self esteem is so low that you need a bunch of strangers with too much time on their hands (ahem) to "rate" your looks then honestly... just give up on life. Because there is no hope for you. Just give up now and hope for the best.

    Source(s): Damn girl. Good luck with life and all that. And stop posting your pics online.
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    You should switch the picture to something were we can see you better (: that way i cann likee really see ur face and stuff. Happy late birthdayy! lmfaoo :D

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    6...but I think your pretty and don't worry you still a couple more years to "obsess" over your looks lol

    Remeber your gorgegous no matter what...

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    10!!! You are really pretty!

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