Mommies, can you please answer this question for me?

I am just wondering as to what religion all you mommies are? I used to be Catholic but lost all faith. Very long story and very hard to explain. I am very interested in hearing what you believe in a maybe a little bit of an explanation. Thank you!

P.S. I am asking this here because I get so many nice answers in this section. Plus I trust you girls in the baby and newborn section :)

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    I was raised as a Christian, but also lost faith. At age 19, I converted to Islam and have been Muslim ever since. Married to a wonderful Egyptian Muslim and have a beautiful almost 4 year old with another baby on the way. I am Sunni Muslim which is what the majority of Muslims are.

    I know a lot of people have bad images of Islam due to the idiots like Bin Laden, but this is not what my religion is about. 99% of us live in peace and do not want to fight. It is these few that make life hell for all people worldwide. I am always trying to tell others about Islam to help beat some of the misconceptions, but never would force my religion on anyone that doesn't want to know as this is in direct violation of the Qur'an and I am a strong believer in Islam.

    I left Christianity because a few things just didn't make much since to me. The main thing was that God is supposed to be the one and only, which means no other can compare to him and yet a man was being compared. To me it didn't make sense, so I started looking elsewhere because I still believed God existed.

    My entire family is Christian and I am the only non-Christian (besides my daughter and husband and his family). We get along fine, but in the beginning it was hard as my dad kept trying to get me to leave Islam for Christianity. He finally realized that I would not stand for it. I told him, my faith is mine and his is his. I would never do what he was doing to me, so he stopped.

    That is the short version of my story.

    By the way, I was reading the other comments and I have to agree with you. The answers here are a lot nicer. Everywhere else, people are always fighting and putting each other down. It gets old after a while and frankly, I am sick of it. Glad that people here in the mommy section can be civilized and talk without the insults. :)

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    Religion is a touchy subject for me. I am catholic. My fiance is catholic, and our son will be baptised catholic next month. I believe in god, I believe in jesus dieing for our sins, heaven and hell. I do not however believe in all the politics that go along with the church. I do not feel that I need to sit in a boring mass every week in order for my prayers to be heard or for the lord to know I believe. I also think the catholic church bases way toooo much around the good ol Dollar...Everything is money. The church is supposed to be there to help, but yet they are always the ones with their hands out. There are some practices I disagree with...I feel it's my choice to use birth control or have sex before marriage, honestly if that's the worst thing I do in my life...I'm ok with it, and I hope god is too. I think as long as I believe, am happy, and am an overall good person, the lord will be happy. (or at least I can hope).

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    I moved to Australia form Europe at 4 years old with my family and was raised Orthodox. My partner was baptized Catholic, but really he was only baptized because of hes grandparents, hes parents hardly believe in anything and my Fiance is pretty much an atheist. We babtized our daughter in the Orthadox church as I believed it was a lot more important to my family for here to be christened as Orthodox, then it was for hes family to have her baptized in the Catholic church.

    My own beliefs are a little odd the be honest, I believe in a higher power and mother nature and everything around my. I believe that god is somewhere, but do not really believe that God HAS to be a man. I also believe in guardian angels and the after life. Yes, well I said my own beliefs are a little odd lol

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    I lost faith also. I used to go to my Emmypa's church and the teachers and stuff would harass me plus it just doesn't seem believable. So I believe things happen for a reason and are meant to be. I don't even really remember what I was lol, is baptist one? I think that was what the church was called. I decided I don't believe in it but I want my son to have that option since his father belongs to nothing either. To give my son that option I will end up sending him to church with his Emmypa and see how he likes it!

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    Eh, I'm not sure I have a title. Could Jesus be real? Maybe, I've never met the guy, I wasn't alive in that time so I don't know. Either way I don't believe in organized religion, I don't think it makes a person any better because they go to church every sunday and pray in their own time.

    Coles Mommy my parents went to a lutheren church and they NEVER were like that. We had a 15 year old, a few 16 year olds and a few 17 year olds get pregnant while I was still going there and the pastor actually offered to hold their baby showers in the hall at the church for free. I'm sorry they treated you like that over having a baby.

  • I am southern baptist. Both my grandfathers were free will baptist preachers so my parents were raise free will baptist, but then when we moved to Florida in the 80's there were no free will baptist churches here so we became Southern Baptist, but Southern Baptist is closer to our beliefs than Free Will Baptist is so it was a change for the better.

    Add: I don't understand why churches kick out teen mommies or babies born out of wedlock. God doesn't turn his back on people so why do churches. That is so ridiculous. God accepts everyone and the church is supposed to be Christlike so they should accept everyone as well. It's religions and people like that, that give christianity a bad name.

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    I am a Jehovah's Witness. Everything we believe and follow comes straight from the bible, and we do our best to follow in Jesus footsteps. That is the main reason why I am a Jehovah's Witness, because if I have a question about something I don't get an answer "it's a mystery," instead I get an answer straight from the scriptures. If you would like to contact me about this you can or you can go to to look into it.

  • I'm Muslim and so is my husband. We're going to be raising our children Muslim.

    I have viewed other religions and the Muslim religion is the one for me.

    I feel so strong in my faith and every time I pray or read the Quran (Islamic bible, so to speak), it makes so much sense and is like pieces of puzzle that are put to together.

    But everyone is different and to each his own. :)

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    I know what you mean by thinking the mommies always look like their avatar pics. You look very similar to a girl I know.

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    We're Mormon, though technically it's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (it's a keyboard full to type all of that).

    Basic beliefs and such are here , but I'll share a couple of my "favorites". One is that families are eternal; the bonds do and will exist after death (as long as that's what everyone wants, of course). The second is how, as a religion and a people, we view life in relatively happy and joyous terms rather than sad and harsh terms. We focus on doing the right things because we're following our Savior's example rather than because we're afraid of the negative eternal repercussions (I'm not well versed on Catholic beliefs of the afterlife, but I understand the idea of hell is used to deter bad behavior). We don't believe in original sin, and instead believe that each person is solely accountable for their own sins.

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