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online tutor Korean SAT?

Are there online tutors or any test study guide that can help me prepare for this exam? Thanks

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    this is the BEST site there is for learning a korean language.. and it is so effective that i could quite speak korean. :) the site is very well explained. and its good for all ages because there is podcast to listen and a PDF file so you can follow in what they are discussing and above all, its all free! :D its the best! try it. if the lesson is quite complicated to you, worry not! because you can ask question to the teachers by just simply leaving a comment. :) hope this helps. :D

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    Context would be the best teacher in this kind of problems. It is much easier to distinguish similar words from each other by learning in what kind of contexts they are used. Trying to memorise things is the worst thing to do here, so just let the lady you're teaching use the language as much as possible and as in many ways as possible (read,write,speak,talk,understand,commun...

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