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know some "quick food" high on calorie ?

tell me some easy to make + plus high on calorie dishes if u know..


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    In this skinny-obsessed world that we live in, it’s difficult to believe that anyone would be interested in learning about the food items which are bad for us since they have high-caloric content. However, there are some naturally skinny women who actually prefer to have a figure like Jennifer Lopez rather than the paper-thin weight of the Olsen twins. And if you want to do it in a healthy way, here is what should be in your shopping cart! But remember dont get really fat.

    A 2-ounce serving of cooked pasta contains only 75 calories. It’s the rest of the ingredients, such as the meatballs on the spaghetti which contribute to this being a high-calorie dish.

    Spread a couple of tablespoons of smooth, salted peanut butter on bread gives you 192 calories!

    A 100-gram serving of chocolate nut spread has 541 calories so you’ll really pack on the pounds by munching on these sweets.

    One serving of the good old cheddar cheese packs a good 69 calories.

    Salted butter has 36 calories for each 5-gram serving. The calories should pile up, depending on the thickness of the butter or margarine that you’ll spread on the bread.

    One mini-chocolate or candy bar can contain 37 calories

    Aside from being good for the heart, a creamy batch of guacamole ups the ante in your weight-gain program. A 261-gram serving contains as much as 360 calories

    Salted, roasted cashew nuts, for example, has 165 calories for each serving.

    One thick slice of an exquisitely satisfying bacon contains 174 calories, which is perfect for those who are trying to gain weight fast.

    A 3-ounce serving of salmon contains 152 calories

    If you have a serving of beef strips for breakfast, three slices would cost you 153 calories.


    Remember that being obsessed with counting the calories that you consume will only work if you know exactly how calories are being used up by your body. When you eat a big fat, juicy burger, for example, there is no need to burn off ALL those calories in one super-intense exercise session. Your body does need to retain some calories to serve as a fuel to the normal functionalities of the heart and the lungs.

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    Stick to entire wheat breads, cereals and pastas. Lean red meat, bird and fish. And load up on end result and greens. Drink a protein shake on a daily basis as good. Eat five-6 small/medium measurement foods an afternoon. Eat among 3250-4000 energy on a daily basis. This will aid you reap weight in a healthful approach. Stay clear of quick meals, sugar and snacks. That will most effective make you reap 'dangerous' weight and can clog your arteries and reason well being disorders.

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    Pasta with some sort of sauce is usually pretty quick with very little prep time. High in carbs and calories.

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    milk shakes

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    because every thing is fat now

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