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How is United Airlines?

This is obviously just for people who have flown it personally. They are pretty cheap and i was wondering if that is because they are crappy. I don't care if they have personal tvs. I just wonder about comfortably (I'll be flying for 24 hours).

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    United is average among its peers when compared with American and Delta. If you compare them with foreign airlines such as most of the Asian or European carriers, you will find them not as good. As for comfort, the major airlines all pretty much have similar seat pitch and width. If you go to,/ you will not find much difference, if any when you compare United to other airlines. JetBlue actually gives you 34" on their flights and 38" on their Even More Legroom section. United averages around 31".

    If United is the cheapest, go ahead and fly with them if your budget is tight. Otherwise if you can opt for a foreign airline, I would recommend that. Service and food is better.

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    I just flew here to Hawaii from Colorado 2 days ago, which is about 7 hours of flying, on United. It's decent in that they give complimentary drinks at the beginning and halfway point through the flight, and you can purchase alcoholic beverages and meals during the ride, and they usually have TV available for entertainment using the complimentary headphones/earphones they offer. One thing, however, is that you should definitely get First Class, because 7 hours of Coach seating can be very uncomfortable (I have no idea how 24 hours will be!) due to the fact that they designed the seats assuming all passengers are 4 and a half feet tall. I'd say United gets 7 of 10 stars.

    I'd personally recommend Southwest Airlines, but I don't know if they go anywhere that will take 24 horus to get to.

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    Good. they have some of the bigger aircraft .They have one of the biggest fleets of 747s and the service is good and the seats are comfortable and the pilots are excellent and take no risks. They serve complementary Drinks and u can buy food and beer

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