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Is Laguardia High School boring compared to frank sinatra ?

I was watching both videos and frank sinatra seems more live

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    Very, very few people have to actually make a choice between these two schools, because the application procedure is so completely different.

    Most schools in NYC, including Sinatra, must be listed on your high school application in ranking order. Admission to Laguardia, as a "specialized school" is a separate procedure. So you don't have to make a choice between them till you are actually offered admission (assuming you get into both schools.)

    However, my daughter DID get into both schools. So she DID have to make a choice.

    This was hard. Because we didn't have to rank Laguardia, we didn't really think about what we'd do, between Sinatra and Laguardia, until we got her acceptance letter. She had always liked Sinatra and had her heart set on going there. Laguardia was so hard to get into, she just thought she's wait and see if she got in.

    When she DID get in, we took a good hard look at the two schools. Here are our thoughts:

    Laguardia is bigger, and that's both a plus and a minus. On the plus side there are far more classes and opportunities, both in the arts and in the academic classes. There are far more choices for languages, for advanced, honors courses, and for more electives in each of the art studios. However, the size seemed a bit daunting to my daughter, who always liked small schools (she went to a huge elementary school and a really small middle school. She really prefered going to a small school where everyone knew her.)

    Sinatra IS small, and a very supportive, cozy environment. However, though it DOES have great arts education and a good solid academic education, there are far less opportunities, both in art and in academics.

    In the end, my daughter chose Laguardia, and is happy with her decision. She'll start there in September, and I am sure she made the right choice.

    But as for which is less "boring" Laguardia, with all it's opportunities and location (right next to Lincoln Center) could hardly be called "boring".

    Hope that answers your question.

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