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Is a two gallon fish tank good for two goldfish-sized fish?

I'm adopting a ghost catfish, and a (fancy name before it) goldfish. They're both a regular goldfish size. I would get a filter-tank, with a warming lamp.

I just have a few questions about things, that I know that some pet stores can answer wrong.

1) Is the two gallon tank good enough?

2) How much can I expect to spend?

3) What kind of food would I feed them? Regular food?

4) How warm should I keep the water?

5) Do I need to clean the tank when it has a filter?

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    glass or ghost cat fish are shy schooling fish that should have a school of 6 at the smallest in a 30 gallon minimum, with a lot of silk or live plants in the middle of the tank set up like wall were the can hid in front of or behind. they are tropical fish that need 78 degrees

    gold fish are coldwater fish, fancy goldfish need 20 gallons for one fish, and 10 for each additional, they are large cumbersome fish that should never be in a tank with a fragile fish like ghost catfish even if they could tolerate the same environments, wich they cant. also, the gold fish will eat all the tropical fishes food, goldy will get bloat and the cat will get starved

  • Cheryl
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    No, a 2 gallon fish tank is not good for two fish, especially if one is a goldfish. Goldfish grow quite large and are quite messy and you would need a much larger tank.

    1. Way too small for pretty much anything, I have heard african dwarf frogs needs 1 gallon per frog so maybe some frogs, maybe some ghost shrimp, and maybe one ghost catfish, no goldfish (and that is frogs OR shrimp OR one catfish).

    2. For a 2 gallon it would be cheap but a waste of your money, get at least a 5 gallon and it will give you some different options, 10 gallons is an ideal starter size tank and you can usually get a kit with light and filter for a good deal. With 10 gallons your options open up even more.

    3. What you feed them depends on the fish. Most fish eat flakes, some eat pellets, some eat frozen or freeze dried.

    4. Tropical fish - I keep all my tanks about 80 degrees

    5. Cleaning the tank needs to be done weekly with at least a 25% water change and once a month I vacuum my gravel too, even with a filter. A filter is required though.

    A lamp would not be a suitable way to keep the water warm, you need an aquarium heater and thermometer. A lamp would cause too many fluctuations in the temp and could stress and kill the fish, or cause illnesses like ich.

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    1) Absolutely not. One fancy goldfish reaches 8 inches or more and needs at least a 20 gallon tank to itself. Ghost catfish are tropical fish whereas goldfish are cold water fish, so they cannot be kept together; you're looking at two tanks.

    2) For two tank setups, several hundred dollars at least. If you were to set up a 20 gallon kit for each (about $80 per kit) you'd be looking at $200-300 or so by the time you added everything else you needed. (Gravel, plants, water conditioners, nets, food, etc.)

    3) Goldfish should eat goldfish flakes, with other things occasionally as treats. The catfish would need tropical flakes and/or sinking pellets.

    4) For the catfish, 75-80 degrees. For the goldfish, I've heard 68-70.

    5) Yes, the tank still needs to be cleaned. For a tank with a ghost catfish, 25% once a week using a gravel vacuum is fine. Since goldfish are messy you need double filtration (for the hypothetical 20 gallon tank, 40 gallons worth of filtration) and also need to clean the tank every week. If you don't have double filtration, I'd say either 25% twice a week or 50% once a week.

    It's great that you're willing to give these fish a home, but they are two different fish with very different needs. They cannot be kept together, so if you're not interested in setting up two different tanks then you might want to take one or the other in a 20 gallon. Keep in mind that in addition to growing to 8 inches or more, fancy goldfish also live ten years or more and are a long-term pet. Good luck! :)

  • Sibyl
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    Goldfish sized? Are you aware that fancy goldfish grow to be about 6-8 inches long?

    1. Not even close. Google ghost catfish and fancy goldfish. You'll find that they require much larger tanks and are not compatible. Most websites will list their minimum tank size as:

    - Ghost catfish are tropical and are schooling fish so they should be kept in a group of at least six individuals. Their minimum tank size is about 30 gallons because

    - A single fancy goldfish requires at least a 20 gallon aquarium with heavy filtration.

    2. A lot. I don't recommend adopting these fish. Someone else may have the appropriate equipment for them that you do not.

    3. Goldfish eat sinking goldfish pellets, peas, lettuce, sliced zucchini, and anacharis.

    The ghost catfish would do better on a diet of a variety of frozen foods like bloodworms, and brine shrimp.

    4. Goldfish do best between 68F-73F so room temperature is usually fine.

    Because ghost catfish are tropical, an aquarium heater is usually necessary to maintain their temperature between 77F-80F.

    5. A filter is always necessary and does not excuse a fish keeper from weekly partial water changes of about 25%

    - Without a filter, or on seriously overstocked tanks more frequent partial water changes would be necessary to avoid toxic conditions.

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  • jogi
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    Have you even seen a regular goldfish? It can top 12", even hit 18" in one size. It doesn't even physically fit in a 2 gallon or even a 10 gallon for that matter.

    1. No.

    2. Glass Catfish need a shoal and something like a 55 gallon tank for a good sized shoal. A Fancy Goldfish needs 20 gallons. A Common Goldfish needs 75 gallons. Add up filter cost, etc. and you are looking at a hefty price tag.

    3. No.

    4. They are not compatible in terms of temperature.

    5. Use a gravel siphon.

    My only advice to you:

    - Don't buy fish yet.

    - Research on fish you want to buy.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No, if you keep two fish that are the size of goldfish in a two gallon tank the poor things won't have any room to swim hardly. It depends, if a tank just comes with the tank then it might be 5 bucks. If it comes with rocks, a filter, and some plants, it might be 15 bucks. And yes you need to clean the tank even though it has a filter.

  • Anonymous
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    1) WAY too small. Goldfish need over 20 gallons, they can be up to a foot long. They can survive for a little while but they will most definitely not thrive.

    2) It really depends.

    3) There is no such thing as 'regular' food. There is food for goldfish, tropical fish, Bettas, all kinds. Use goldfish food I guess.

    4) Goldfish and catfish are colder water fish, they don't need a heater.

    5) Obviously!!

    Source(s): Owner of 2 goldfish, runner of a 90 gallon tank, fish experience for over 5 years
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    okay well if there worm water u need to get a heater and look up on how long they are going to get then get a tank to fit them cuz fish will grow bigger then their tank will let them for a ten gallon fish tank with every thing could go from 40+ dollars and they could eat blood worms and maybe some flake food its good to mix it up. the water should be around 84F and yes u well need to clean the tank even with a good filter maybe once every 2 weeks or when ever needed i have a 55gallon so if u need to ask any thing els email me. hope i can help

  • Kitty
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    NO, goldfish need 20 gallons atleast EACH 30 gallons is much better and they are coldwater. Glass catfish get 6 inches long and need to be in shoals of atleast 6 and are tropical. Not even a betta that needs atleast 5 gallons will fit in that. You might just be able to fit afew shrimp but even they need atleast 2.5. Please do not put any fish in that tank or they will die painfully and slowly.

    Source(s): coldwater and tropical fish owner
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    Absolutely not! you need a least a 20 or 30 gallon. the tank you have is barely big enough for 1 betta fish.

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