making an html portal?

I'm writing an html portal for a personal device and need help. I have the index.html open and need to find a way to write the file

"data.txt" so it will show up as a link. The file data.txt is in the same folder as the index.html file.

what is the coding I should use for this?

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    1 decade ago
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    Common link codes:

    Making an image a link:

    <p><a href="URL path to external link" title="Mouseover Description"><img style="width: XXpx; height: YYpx; border: 0;" src="Path to image" alt="Text Description"></a></p>

    If site does not host images, then you MUST host your image online at any good image hosting site. The "src" image URL MUST be the DIRECT link to the image alone and not to the page the image is on. Put the correct link for the site in the href="" attribute. Put the DIRECT URL to ONLY the image in the src="" attribute.

    Text Link only:

    <p><a href="URL path to external link" title="Mouseover Description">Link Text Description</a></p>

    You can change the "p" tags to div tags and style as needed.


  • 1 decade ago

    <a href="data.txt>Link to data file</a>

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    1 decade ago

    There's some useful information over at this website:

    Check it out, i'm sure you can find what you need there.

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