my d drive and E drive is not working.., garphics and display problems also !!?


i hav a compaq presario c700 laptop.... i formatted my laptop my a proffesional computer repare showrrom..and after that my display quality is deteroited.... whenevr i play a video on FULL screen mode....the video quality is blurred...i mean.. the pixels are visible..

one more problem... i keep my songs and movies in D drive and E drive.... from 2-3 days..whenevr i try to click on e or d drive icon on "my Computer".... a dialogue box apprears which says - "the disc in drive D is not formatted" .. when i click on "format now"... it says it cannnot be formatted..

plz help me to get out of this problm.. !


I found that E drive and D drive has been changed to RAW file system format...

Plz give me the idea to recover THIS PROBLEM !!!!

Update 2:

and no...they are no cd or dvd drives..they are HARD DISC DRIVES !

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    Not much of a professional if they deleted the recovery partition (D:) (but then you'd already fried it by storing files on it!).

    Take it back to the 'professional' and have them install the necessary drivers and re-format the other partitions as NTFS.


    Do as Lil' Ugly says to sort the graphics and re-format the other partitions yourself.

    Clicl Start, right click 'Computer' and choose 'Manage' > Disk Management right click the partition/s choose format.

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    Sounds like you need the video drivers so go here , put in the number off of the tag on the bottom of the laptop. As for your D and E drive it sounds like both are now CD/DVD drive numbers. maybe they were changed when you reformatted.

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