How do I increase my immunity against infections through natural methods?

Normal allergy levels are below 80 and I have allergy levels somewhere in 800's .Due to this I have caught a sinusitis infection. I also had tonsillitis some days back. How do I increase my immunity through natural methods?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Get some locally produced honey - clears your sinuses well. Echincea works really well, just don't take it all the time. Vit E for a stuffy nose - Vitamin D to make sure your body's cells and immunity are working. Get Vitamin C naturally, eat the white part just under the skin of oranges. Raw fruits and veggies, nuts for trace minerals.

  • 4 years ago

    An excellent folk remedy and something that provides immediate relief is hydrogen peroxide, especially for ear infections! Here's how to effectively use it: lay on one side, with a towel wrapped around your neck, your infected ear upwards, and pour a capful of the liquid into your ear canal (or have someone else do it, it's quite disconcerting at first). I find the fizzy, bubbly sensation enjoyable although you might not like it. When the liquid becomes warm to hot, which it should if you have a bad infection, simply tilt your head over and dump the liquid into the towel. Keep doing that until the liquid does not bubble or become warm, and then clean your ears (or have a nurse do it, but who actually goes to the trouble). Hydrogen peroxide mixed with water also makes a great mouthwash. Hope your health improves!

  • 1 decade ago

    Natural methods don't work. Immunity against infection is largely genetic or based on chance.

    Vitamin C and D don't actually help unless you are malnourished. Local honey would help with pollen based allergies, but not infectious disease.

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    Deep meditation. Don't let your body tell your mind how to feel. MAKE your mind tell your body how to feel, it does control it after all.

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