art question about oil paints!!!?

ok so i love art and everything and i wanted to experiment a little with oil pastels or oil paints on paper. i don't know any art places in abu dhabi in case u don't know that's where i live. any way what type of surface will i need like what type of paper can i get for very cheap from the supermarket that will work for water Colors and oil pastels something that wont seep trough or get mest up easily. please help me i love painting with different things i am desperate.

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    Oil paints--any type of heavy material---a sheet of wood that is fairly smooth. Prime it first. Gesso would be best or if you don't have gesso or a primer, work straight on the board. The oil paint will prime it, you just use more paint. Cloth stretched with tacks or pins on a board of wood or something else would work. Any type of heavy paper would work--poster board.

    Watercolors--any kind of paper will work( you might try poster board or any kind of paper) a little heavy) . Remember, water absorbs into the paper and at this point, it can be stretched---I would pin it down before it strats to curl---this way, when it dries, it will lay flat.

    Pastels--any kind of paper will work with chalk pastels( as long as it doesn't tear---heavy paper of any kind). The chalky pastels, when your work is complete, you need to spray a fixature or sealer over it You can use hair spray for this. Clear acrylic sealer works best. Oil pastels--when they dry, they are pernmanent.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Use Cartridge Sheets . They are good for water colors.

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