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請教板上的大大 滿18歲 學生&非學生 租一棟2room apartment每月需自付多少?

我家只有兩個人(我&親人一隻) 年收大約1WUSD以下 5千以上

subsidy 是用比率算還是固定額? 每個州一樣嗎?

如果一個人租studio apartment 需自付多少?

去看過HUD的官網 但是Section8的頁面似乎沒了..

如果頁面可以請告訴我 感謝

由於家中經濟不是很好 考慮先找份工作 存錢再去念大學@_@ .



Update 2:

1. I live in VT.

2. I don't have a job now(No income). But plan to find one in this year. Lower than 500.

3. 2年又9個月

4. 19, 5X歲

5. 無

恩 我知道每州政府法律都有些不一樣._. 聽過似乎是用百分比來算

追加問題: 請問CT有印製表格供一般民眾查詢補助金額嗎? 想了解一下別州的情況..^^"

如果有其他管道能自助查詢請告訴我 感謝

Thank you. ^ ^

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    I need to ask you few questions before I can answer you...

    1. Where are you and your family member now? in Taiwan? or In the U.S. and which State are you?

    2. How much is your monthly income? and how much is your family member's monthly income?

    3. How many years that you have had your green card?

    4. How old are you? and how old is your family member?

    5. Any physical/health issues, mental health issues or disabilities that you or your family member have?

    Please note that every State in the U.S. has its own Department of Social Services and each State's guideline for social services, such as HUD-Section 8, Food Stamps, Medicaid, etc is different.....

    Those are the basic questions for Social Worker to ask......(basic assessment)

    Bob, Social Worker from the State of CT

    2010-06-06 07:43:49 補充:

    I don't think that you will be qualified for any kinds of social welfare programs, because neither you nor your family member have mental or health issues. Also, you are young enough to get a job, so is your family member (he or she is NOT over the age of 65 years old).

    2010-06-06 07:44:16 補充:

    But, try those agencies in VT, maybe there are some special programs to help you & your family out.




    Best wishes!


    Source(s): myself, CT State Social Worker,,
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