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filture Design 翻成中文是?

請問filture Design翻成中文是?


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    Filture = Filter = 使用電阻、電容和(或)電感組成,只讓特定頻率通過且阻擋其他干擾的電子濾波線路網(反干擾濾波線路網)。

    Filture Design = (Noise) Filter Design = (電子線路中)反干擾濾波線路網的設計。


    Network consisting of capacitors, resistors and/or inductors used to pass certain frequencies and block others.

    Information overload is NOT filture failure

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 9:02 pm UTC by David Crotty permalink

    This has been bothering me for a while now, dating back to last year, when I first heard Clay Shirky’s very pithy statement that information overload isn’t a real problem, the real problem is a failure to build effective filters.

    2010-05-30 22:04:49 補充:

    如果版大提的是"台灣表面黏著科技股份有限公司"在104人力銀行登的徵人廣告上的"生產tooling發包及filture Design"的話那是一個筆誤。它指的是"fixture design"(治具或載具設計)。Tooling是指工具或模具。這是SMT製程裡的一環。SMT生產時PCB太小、不規則或太軟時需要用治具(載具-Fixture)生產。DIP製程中過錫爐時吃錫面(Bottom Side)如果有SMT零件也需要用載具(Fixture)生產。這些載具都需要依照不同的基板特別設計製造才可生產。這部份一般都是SMT工程師負責與治具廠溝通製造。


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    不是家俱喔!是smt電子業. QQ

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    Future Design?

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    發問者該不會是要問 furniture 傢具 吧?

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