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How much is the (average) rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Paris?

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    It really depends on many factors, location, size, etc. You CAN get some starting at 280€ a month, not the best conditions, however, this may or may not include charges. So rent could be 280€+ch/cc. Usually MOST decent, if style really matters, will start around 550€+ch/cc a month. Some do charge weekly, especially of cause for holiday rentals.

    If you are going to look around for an apt, you need to look for a T2, it means 1 bedroom apt, there is T2 bis but that means inc an office. Studio apts are just as pricey and studio is studio in French.

    If you want to search online and you don't know french, keywords should be location immobilières, might get more search hits then if searching in English.

    Hope this helps

    edit: Cabal is right, however, I have found some really sh*t quality ones in Paris for dirt cheap, but I wouldn't find them liveable, if you have "expectations" but if you just want a roof over your head, just temporarily until you'd have the money, it's ok.

    If you find ones starting at 580, which I have seen for myself, the charges will vary depending on the agency.

    For a better understanding, here it is.

    SDB : Salle De Bain.

    SDD : Salle De Douche (quand il n'y à pas de baignoire) "rarement utilisé"

    STUDIO : une seule pièce fait office de chambre, séjour, cuisine... la SDB est séparée.

    T1 ou F1 : la cuisine est séparée (par une cloison) de la pièce principale + SDB. = T1bis f1bis

    T1 bis / F1 bis : la cuisine est ouverte sur le salon + 1 pièce + SDB. En fait c'est un studio avec une chambre.

    La méconnaissance des codes pousse certains propriétaires et agents immobilier à confondre un T1 BIS et un T2 ou à jouer de la faible différence entre les deux.

    Certains le font volontairement pour ne pas embrouiller encore plus leur client.

    T2 ou F2 : une cuisine + 2 pièces (chambres ou salon ou salle à manger ou bureau...) + SDB.

    If you would be alone, studio apartment, T1/F1 etc is what u want but if ur couple or sharing with room mate, T2/F2 if u want more formal setup.

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    I am guessing that you might mean a short term holiday rental of a furnished apartment rather than a long term rental. That is quite a different matter since you'd probably also want to be conveniently located to tourist sights.

    If that is the case then you should count on spending at least 100 euros a night unless you are planning a full months stay in which case you can get deals for as little as 1000 euros (or even a little less) per month.

    The apartment, at these prices, will be small but still usually considerably bigger than a hotel room and the convenience of having a small kitchen and often a laundry machine makes it a good choice, especially for a budget traveler.

    Of course you can spend considerably more on such an apartment just as you can spend much more on a hotel room. Take a look at any one of the many websites advertising short term vacation rentals such as this one: http://www.rentalfrance.com/

    I rented a one bedroom apartment in April from them for two weeks and was very satisfied with the service and the price (110 euro/night). I usually stay in Paris for at least two weeks and often for a month and almost always rent an apartment rather than using an hotel.

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    Source(s): Rent-To-Own Homes - http://renttoownhome.iukiy.com/?svsK
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    Size matter nearly more than the number of rooms. And by the way in France a 1 bedroom apt is in fact a 2 rooms apt (F2 or T2: bedroom and main room, kitchen and bath or shower room).

    So, for a 45 square metres 2 rooms apt you can count on 1100 Euros a month charges included, for a 30 square metres you can count 800 Euros charges included. That's not in the centre of Paris which is way more expensive.

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