Would you consider Madonna the GREATEST FEMALE ENTERTAINER EVER?

Madonna has been an icon for quarter of a century. She has made countless hits, sold out the biggest arenas, and won honorable awards such as grammys and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Eva Peron in "Evita". She is the most famous woman in the world. If you put all of her vulgar language and sexual innuendos aside and judge her on her achievements in entertainment like her amazing concerts such as Blond Ambition (cone bra tour), and hits, would you consider Madonna to be the GREATEST FEMALE ENTERTAINER EVER??

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    Yes!... Madonna is a legend; for more than 3 decades she has conquered almost every kind of musical genre:Pop, Rock, Rock & Roll, Soul, R&B, Acoustic, Acoustic Blues, Gospel, Ballad, Retro, Alternative, Indie Rock, Punk, Instrumental, Ambient, Romantic, Speech, Lullabies, Duet, Disco, Club, Country, House, Original Score, Soundtrack, Musicals, Orchestral, Latin, Funk, New Wave, Techno, Dance, Electronic, Hardcore House, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop & More! Mother of Re-Inventions, one of the most powerful and famous women on the planet. She's a real goddess on earth.

    She’s royalty. The Forbes Magazine said Madonna is the most influential female artist in music history. Her fortune is around 850 million dollars, she has contributed to many causes around the world, by giving her own money; she has created an amazing documentary about HIV/AIDS in Malawi, she has built schools in Africa and last year she traveled to Brazil to create (along with the future president) a contribution plan to help poor childrens in that country. She declared that her plans for decades to come is to help the world. People who really need it.

    Madonna has sold around 400 million albums worldwide and she’s not just music; she’s also political stuff, religious stuff, an a social and cultural visionary. She’s a writer, a poet, a composer, a director, an film maker, an actress, a dancer, a model, a designer, a record producer, an a full musician (she plays many instruments) and a humanitarian. Madonna is a roll model of life, she’s a real warrioress. I think, people feel connected with her for many reasons.

    People Loves Madonna Becouse She Rocks!!!! She's The Greatest In History!!!!

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    No, not "ever".

    She may be a great entertainer. But saying that she is the best -ever- is ridiculous. That's saying she's the best there ever has been or will ever be. The future may bring out someone even more innovative and creative than she is and has been.

    I agree that she's been an icon and had an immeasurable impact on music, culture, style, etc. But I'm not even sure I'd call her the greatest female entertainer of the last 25 years. One of the top ten? Sure. Top five? Probably. Greatest of them all? Eh - not so sure on that.

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    Madonna is the greatest entertainer and pop star the world has ever seen. There is no one better.

    She keeps on recreating herself and shocking the world with her awesome videos and albums. No doubt she deserves the title.

    To me no one can ever replace her as Queen. Her music means so much to me.

    Rocco covered it all on why it is true.

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    First off, she'd have to entertain in order to be considered an entertainer. She's not.

    Secondly, her so-called achievements are no more outstanding than any other narcissist who would do anything to get a spotlight on themself.

    Thirdly, she is not the greatest anything. :-))

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  • 1 decade ago

    absolutely not.

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