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Medicare Supplement Plans?

Roughly, how much is a Medicare supplement plan ? Both of us are turning 65 in few months. I am healthy, she has 5 prescriptions meds. Planning on taking part B, but am thinking will need supplement. 3 of her meds are the $4 ones from Walmart. How about Medicare Advantage...should we take that instead? Is that less expensive than supplement ?

thanks for any info.

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    The price depends heavily on your state. Which state are you in? In most states (except for a few of the states in the Northeast), rates are approximately $100/month per person. This is for a plan that covers everything that Medicare doesn't cover at the doctor and hospital, so that you don't have any out of pocket costs (Plans C or F). Supplements are taken anywhere that Medicare is accepted nationwide. Also, some companies give husband-wife discounts on the supplements.

    Medicare Advantage is less expensive, as far as the premium goes, but there are more co-pays/deductibles etc. Plus, there are some restrictions as far as what doctors you can go to etc. Most people agree that Advantage plans are going to be less comprehensive in coming months due to the recent health insurance reform legislation.

    The best way to compare overall costs is with a broker that works with all of the companies. It doesn't cost you anything and they can give you an idea of which plans (supplement and Advantage)have the best rates.

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    That question about supplemental insurance is best answered by a local independent insurance agent in your area. There are different plans in different regions so I cant answer unless you live where I do. You will have to have Part B to get your supplemental insurance. Medicare Advantage has nothing to do with Medicare supplemental plan which is sold on the open market. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Original plan are slightly different. the first one includes drugs Part D because it is an HMO. The second is optional so you can buy any Part D plan you want. Medicare supplental insurance is sold by any insurance company or agent you want to deal with. I suggest you read over the book or their website so you can decide which plan. Once you are in a Medicare plan, you can switch only once a year to a different one.

    Medicare Part B comes out of your social security check. It is $110 per month plus the usual 25% per cent of medical charges. Supplemental plans cover most of what Medicare does not.

    Source(s): Medicare and You 2010
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