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July-August Weather in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

Normal temperature, humidity, that sort of thing?

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    Santa Fe, NM is at a high elevation of 7,000 feet. It's Summer weather has average highs of 91F &

    lows of 56 or 57. Summer days are very hot and at night it is breezy due to the heated daytime air flowing down off the mountains when the sun goes down and becoming cooler. Santa Fe always has low humidity. Santa Fe is one of the most healthiest cities in the USA.

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    confident it rains. almost each and every afternoon there's a hurricane between 3pm-6pm. they typically bypass interior of 30-60 minutes although yet for sure there is an possibility for an all day rain besides. and that's actually the main well liked time of the finished 365 days. the traditional temp is ninety two levels with maximum days reaching larger than that. its additionally particularly humid. and its particularly busy on account that its summer season wreck for infants.

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