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How long do you think Swagger will keep his title?+ EWS Signups?

Here are the signups for my E-Fed. I still need more members and EWS hasn't started yet until I get enough members. I am a great writer and have written some matches for THW before. Anyone who joins will be highly appreciated.

Wrestling Name:

Attire: (Optional)





Championship to go for:


Moveset:You may choose a wrestler's moveset.

Brand: Retribution or Wresolution

Wrestling Ability:You may choose Technical, High-Flyer, Powerhouse, Brawler, Dirty(you may be face with this like Eddie Guerrero was. low blows and uses weapons behind the ref's back and etc.), etc. You may add stuff if you like.

Retrubution Titles

EWS Evolution Title

EWS Aliance Titles (Tag team)

EWS Vixen Title (Women Title)

EWS Nitro Title (Mid-Carder)

Wresolution Titles

EWS Undisputed Title

EWS Unlimated Title (Can be won anywhere anytime)

EWS Elite Title (Women Title)

EWS Attitude Title

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    Wrestling Name: Loco Antonio

    Attire: (Optional) A pair of black skinny jeans(but not 2 skinny like girls) with a pair of boots(like CM Punks) A tanktop, dark blue arm sleeves on both arms, a black design on my left eye like the game mirrors edge-

    Theme:(Optional) Till I Collapse by Eminem

    Gimmick: A superstar destined 4 greatness, hates the fans and anyone who gets in my way 4 the championship, but is loyal 2 those who align themselves with me. I get crazy when i start 2 lose and will go on a rampage till someone is hurt, maybe even injured. I am also VERY cocky!

    Signatures:Running Bicycle Kick, Running STO

    Finisher(s): If i can use my own its a move i made called Brain Damage where i run towards opponent and grab the front of the head, bend them over, and then throw the back of their head 2 my knee. If i cant use my own then i choose Crossroads(cody rhodes finisher)

    Championship to go for:Evolution Title or Alliance Titles

    Face/Heel/Tweener: HEEL

    Moveset:You may choose a wrestler's moveset: A mix between Jeff Hardy's, Takers, and Kurt Angle

    Brand: Retribution or Wresolution: Retribution

    Wrestling Ability:You may choose Technical, High-Flyer, Powerhouse, Brawler, Dirty(you may be face with this like Eddie Guerrero was. low blows and uses weapons behind the ref's back and etc.), etc. You may add stuff if you like.

    High flyer, Brawler, Dirty, Technical, Draw heat from crowd(like taunt them or opponent or attack the ref on purpose or something)

    Source(s): I AM the next EWS Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • 10 years ago

    Until Fatal 4 Way.

    Ringname:Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom



    Signature Moves:Old School, Leg Drop, Flying Clothesline, Big Boot, Lariat, Snake Eyes, and Chokeslam.

    Finishers:Tombstone and Last Ride.

    EWS Vixen title.

    I chose the Retribution women's title, so why am I on the other show?

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  • Oooh
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    10 years ago

    Name: Mr. Blood

    Nickname “the reason why wrestling it TV-14”, “100% Blood”, “the next big thing”, “future world champion” and “living hell”

    Face/ Heel/ Tweener: I can be versatile, I work best as a heel, but can work as a face.

    From: I am from “Bloodville, Dementor”

    Gimmick: I love Blood. I love pain. I am just like Kane/ Abyss.

    Signature Match: 1st blood, UNDEFEATED, 10-0

    Signature Weapon: 1st Aid Box

    Finishers: Spear (main), Chokeslam and 450 Splash

    Signatures: I like to use a variety of kicks, such as martial arts, and like to fly, but am also known for submission holds such as: Headlock, Abdominal Stretch, Camel Clutch and Ankle Lock, Springboard moves rock, lariat, tornado DDT, Vertical Suplex, german suplex, bridge pin, back slide, big boot, Pele Kick, Spinebuster, TKO, Gut Wrench Electric Chair slam, Double Knee Facebreaker, DDT, Double Arm DDT and Baseball Slide.

    Theme: Bullet with butterfly wings- smashing pumpkins

    Height- 6 foot 3

    Weight- 230 pounds

    Retribution PLZ, but if u like, put me on Wresiloution.

    EWS Evoloution


    What days are the shows

    Also, hardcore and high flying, like RVD

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  • 10 years ago


    Attire:Wears a creepy scary mask{not to flashy,he can wrestle in it},he wears black faded jeans that have symbols painted on them,no shirt.

    Theme:Undead by Hollywood Undead

    Gimmick:He is very creepy,he is crazy,he is mentally disturbed.He is dark.He is super hardcore.

    Signatures:Chokeslam,backstabber,pump handle slam,power bomb,jack hammer off the top rope,reckless ddt off the top rope,busaik knee kick,roundhouse kick,the gore,dominator onto my knee,pedigree off the top rope,piledriver,chokeslam off the top rope.

    Finishers:The go to hell{GTS off the top rope},Icon killer{shooting star press knee drop},Days Grace{full nelson slam off top rope}

    GTH is main,Days Grace is second,Icon Killer is 3rd most used.

    Champ:Well,ill let you decide that.But i dont want some classical wrestling title,my character is hardcore.




    Wrestling A:Hardcore

    Anyways,heres a little back ground:

    Crazecore is a crazed lunatic who was in jail for years.He has gone absolutely crazy.His mask shows his mouth,and he is usually smiling,he sometimes makes no sense at all and skids around smiling a creepily wide grin.He is super hardcore,like most hardcore superstar on roster,he gets great joy from suffering.Pretty much he is a crazed psycho path hardcore maniac.

    This aint a joke I want to test this character.

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    10 years ago

    i think he will keep it til summer slam

    i would like to sign up

    name: the sandman

    gimmick: a druken bad ***

    signature: swaton bomb

    finisher: russian leg sweep

    EWS Attitude title


    brand: Wresolution

    wrestling ability: brawler

    Source(s): when will the brand wresolution start
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  • i say until SummerSlam

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