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Why this baby is considered a terrorist by the state of Israel?

You Israelis call your country a democracy and criticize Saudi Arabia for their laws but never bother to look in your own back yard, this baby is the youngest prisoner is the world, is the Israeli government that heartless, don’t you think that, that boy should be with his mother he’s 17 months old? Don’t you consider that barbaric?



@Kismet It’s absurd to you because you can’t answer the question without making your country look worst than they looks already.

Update 2:

@Priya I’m not a clone I liked this picture so I copied it.

Update 3:

@Lottie the question wasn’t about other countries, never the less are you justifying Israeli actions by saying that separating a baby from its mother for the crime of being a Palestinian is considered usual action in what you refer to as a democracy?

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    Yes I’m sure this baby had an M16 shooting at the cowardly Israeli soldiers, he was born in prison separated from his mother at birth; his only crime is being Palestinian. image if that happened to a Jewish baby anywhere in the world, Imagine the kind of articles they would say

    @Kismet this is from Dubai


    this one is from the United States


  • Robin
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    4 years ago

    Of course he is. Anything that could even remotely and by the farthest stretch of the imagination or the faintest hint or whiff of a suggestion that they could in any way, shape or form be doing anything that could possibly be even vaguely construed as 'not Kosher' is not Kosher. Besides, why get so upset about a few Palestinian kids - 1400, that's a drop in the bucket. The way people carry on, you'd think they were human or something. Some estate agent who calls himself 'God' supposedly gave Peres this big pile of dirt to do with as he will. And the sooner he can get these pesky little creatures under it the better. And it's a tall job - Have you noticed how quickly they reproduce? Oh my! It's hard to keep up.

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    Funny that there is no article about this baby except for this one in that specific site, and its even funnier that someone would even bother to take a picture of this baby when he's in a bath, playing with a sponge. Once you get a real picture of a real baby who's in a real Israeli jail, then I just might give you the real answer you're looking for. And you know what, if this story were real, I think I'd hear about it before you do, and someone would do something about it, like, the arabs in Israel, or Israelis from the left-movement who happen to support all you people who keep on throwing up your bullshit all over Israel.

    Any more fake stories you'd like to make up?

  • stacey
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    10 years ago

    everybody should look at their own back yard and the truth of what they are writing , you have made this story up in desperation lies are so ugly , , Israel is beautiful , self sufficient and is backed by millions of people all over the world , your hatred and anger is disturbing i hope you are not a parent

    even your avatar looks angry , hatred is what fuels wars - take a good look in your own backyard and then yourself,

    your name should be liar not truth

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  • 10 years ago

    he's not technically the youngest prisoner in the world


    and thats what 10 days ago still being detained and thats before your question was posted, there are plenty of children being held in captivity all over the World for various reasons.


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Because they are sick heartless people. They try and project the image to the world that they are democratic, modern, civilized but in reality they are nothing more than a cult with a sick religious agenda. They will protect their illegal nation at any cost and they are the best at telling lies and decieving the world. They can never be trusted.

  • 10 years ago

    Just what we would expect from god's chosen hooked-nosed beasts.

  • 10 years ago

    Where is this story from?

    I searched the name online and all i could find was a couple of forums talking about this subject. I searched it in hebrew and there is absolutely not even a single article of forum or message that talks about this story or mentions his name or his mothers name.

    It Is as if those people never existed

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They made sure he is not a suicide diaper.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They also wrongly arrested his mother?

    Well, what more can you expect from monsters.

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