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So where do men believe in equality really?

Now I have been going through a lot of answers here and I do see that most men dont at all treat us in equal pedestal even now. they accuse feminists of demanding extra, but see these comments of some men here:


Do you think this is equality? And if not, why do you protest our feminism policies? You feel we are beneath you, and that too for no reason. I am a college topper and I am extremely talented. Why at all should I consider my status beneath those of men?

I dont frnakly see any equality existing, only a few well-bred men have told me that we are equal. And I believe they are the real men with true balls and spirit, as they can give value to a person being confident of their masculinity (whatever they have).

I do wish the world was full of more such men.


Eric: You are not mentioning any point clearly. We do always admire men as well as ourselves. But does admiring mean placing them above us or saying they are better than us?

Human Being: I know thats wrong. But men will always point their fingers at the women for their mistakes. Why not also point out the mistakes of peopel of their own gender if they believe in equality? I am yet to see a man fighting another man for doing something wrong. The only times this happens is at the police station.

Update 2:

Why shouldnt I protest the mascluine policies which are aimed at making us weaker, feminine and submissive?

When we do something, its wrong. Comeon, prove to be a real man by also protesting against male perpetrators.

Update 3:

Lorax- That liking femininity means you want us to be beneath you and that we are not supposed to be above you. You nvoke Nature to prove this, when in reality lots of men like tomboys. You deny truth to highlight your stupid racist comments.

Update 4:

Ned- I know you are not attrcated because we can do things by ourselves and dont need you to dominate us. Thats the real cause.

Or it could be something sexual. In that case you all are sex addicts and wish to treat women as pron material.

Update 5:

Grandpa- You are the rapist when you ogle at feminine women

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    The problem is that women have very varying views of what "equality" is - many women want to have their cake and eat it too.

    A man cannot go out on a date, and not expect to (at the very least) offer to pay for everything - it's expected of him. Yet, that same woman he is forced by society to purchase meals and entertainment for gets preferential treatment for jobs. Similarly, if a draft were to be done again, this man may get his card picked to go, but the woman wouldn't have any chance of being drafted at all.

    Suppose this same woman became pregnant due to her own ignorance involving properly taking birth control pills. That man would either be forced to accept that the woman will kill the child via abortion, or the man would be forced to pay child support for the next 18 years. He gets no say in the process. If they were to decide to marry, the man also has to spend 2-3 months of his salary on an engagement ring, while the woman he gives it to bears no financial obligation to repay him. Should this couple decide to get a divorce, the woman would almost be guaranteed custody of the children as well as come out with a majority of the couple's assets, regardless of her contributions towards obtaining them.

    The fact of the matter is that males have given up their power, and are moving towards (if not as close as it can come to) equality. Women have the choice to work, and it is commonplace for both the man and woman in a marriage to have jobs. Women can do pretty much everything that a man can.... and yet feminists aren't happy with this. What has being a woman prevented you from doing? Please tell me!

    Men have given up so much for equality that young boys are now falling behind their female classmates in schools - mostly due to a female-oriented education system. They altered it such that women may succeed, and now they are, but at the expense of the boys in the classes.

    As a man, I definitely do not 100% agree with all I have said - in fact, I probably only really believe about 50% of it. I'm excited to buy an engagement ring, I'd never ask a woman to go to war in my place, and I could go on, but I was trying to make a point. Reading that, surely you can understand why many men feel that feminist's demands are excessive (especially in the case of extreme feminism). My point is that no matter how hard we try, there will never be a true "equality." I'm sorry, but women were biologically meant to become pregnant. There is nothing I can do to change that. As a man, I will have higher car insurance and will actually be purchasing an engagement ring within the next few days - and in doing so will be spending a large sum of money on what I consider to be the most important investment of my life. Obviously, I'm okay with that.

    I'm trying to make you understand that there is a TRADE OFF between the genders - men will always be one way, and women will be another. There will be certain advantages and disadvantages to both sides, and while you need to protect your interests, extremism on either side is pretty silly. I believe in equality as a concept, but in reality, equality will never happen. You just need to try to meet up somewhere in the middle - give some here, take some there, and get a happy medium.

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    That is because men on planet earth are always fighting for authority just like animals do.A man will mark is territory just as any other male figure would.Its all apart of being the masculine figure in the relationship my dear.Through out the centuries men have always been the hunter and gathers.The guys that would bring home the meal while the women would collect berries and other simple not so complicated things with the children.In the spartan militia women couldn't even join the army.Perhaps men have not quite evolved passed our old ways of thinking.I am a young male that grow up seeing the female as the more dominate figure in my house so these old male stereotypes and other beliefs aren't quite to my understanding.Maybe if during the spear and stone age if women had a larger physique than they would had been seen as a equal.To me its just appearance and sizing up ,something men do all the time.We always size each other up to see who is stronger and physically if a man sized up a woman on average he would probably be stronger.This is all just the theory of evolution my friend.If it makes you feel any better than I would like to tell you that I think men are just as stupid as girls at times.We all have our ways to.Pointing fingers,not giving others their natural rights etc,but I see what you mean because even though some of what you say is opinion or what you think as a result of an encounter with a male it is all kinda true because what you are talking about is something we are more likely to do than a woman is.Guys are just like this for some reason.I believe that women should have all the rights and equal pay that men do,but on the short hand of the stick I still have that old way of thinking in my head that says I don't have a problem with taking care of a woman and that she doesn't have to do anything.In this country its more likely for a men to be taking care of a woman that a woman taking care of a man.

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    Do you think this is equality? And if not, why do you protest our masculine policies? You feel we are beneath you, and that too for no reason. I am a college topper and I am extremely talented. Why at all should I consider my status beneath those of women?

    I dont frnakly see any equality existing, only a few well-bred women have told me that we are equal. And I believe they are the real women with true >>>>>>>>vaginas<<<<<<<< and spirit, as they can give value to a person being confident of their femininity (whatever they have).

    I do wish the world was full of more such women.

    Do men have masculine rallies? Women in this category are really two-faced. They say they want equal treatment but they separate themselves and act superior to everyone else. Why do women expect special treatment (and they almost always get it) and turn around and ask for equality? If anything, women are treated like princesses. Most women use guys for money and a jobless life. They love the stereotype of being the submissive one, they get off on it. Most women do. I'm not saying all women are like this, just like all men are not what you may call "chauvinistic pigs". When you protest to have special treatment, how does that make you equal? I wish women would actually start acting equal and stop leaning for special treatment AND stop looking down on men or play wounded when they want the upper hand.

    If anything women need to come back down from their superior pedestal they demand to be put on.

  • Joan
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    That could not be more incorrect. The Ying Yang theory has seemed to hold true more through-out all history. The Ying Yang theory shows that societies who are dominated by men only crumble to bits and societies run by women only crumble to bits but societies that have men and women work together(side by side) are shown to suceed. There is no scientific evidence that points towards one gender needing to dominate the other.

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  • Ned F
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    Wait, why do you think that acting traditionally feminine is "weak", and "beneath" men?

    And why do you expect men to be "masculine", as you say, if you object to be feminine? Aren't you the hypocrite?

    People have a right to be attracted to whomever or whatever they want to. Why are you attacking these people just because they aren't attracted to someone who acts like you? NO ONE "OWES" YOU A DATE.

    And besides, "equality" does NOT mean "the exact same". You seem to have no idea what equality" means.

  • cdguy
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    I can't speak for all men but I personally believe that women have the right to be equally considered for things like employment. However many feminists take certain aspects to far by imposing their views on others.

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    The thing is, many women don't really want equality. An example from the past: I'm on a busy bus and a woman gets on. She expects me to offer her my seat so that she can sit down. (This has happened to me countless times.)

    Why would I do this for her if I wouldn't do it for a man? I treat men and women equally - totally equally - so I'm not going to do something for a woman that I wouldn't do for a man and vice versa.

    Know what I'm saying?

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    10 years ago

    What does liking a feminine woman have to do with equality? The example question you posted is laughable. I would rather be a tomboyish woman than a feminine man. How do you think they are judged?

    Where is the correlation between that and equality?

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    What is so wrong and sexist about men wanting and admiring feminine women?

    They are not viewing feminine women as being below men. Would women who like masculine men think men are below them? Think.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You seem to be taking the trolls too seriously.

    Don't believe everything that you read.

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